What you’ll learn
  • how to upgrade Webiny from 5.30.0 to 5.31.0
Make sure to check out the 5.31.0 changelog to get familiar with the changes introduced in this release.

1. Upgrade Webiny Packages

Upgrade all @webiny/* packages by running the following command:

Once the upgrade has finished, running the yarn webiny --version command in your terminal should return 5.31.0.

Before moving on, make sure you commit all your changes.

2. Run the Upgrade Command

The next step is to run the project upgrade:

If the upgrade command ends in error "Script does not exist.", please clear your npx cache. You can run npx clear-npx-cache to clear it, or just delete it manually from your npx directory.

3. Deploy Your Project

Proceed by redeploying your Webiny project:

Make sure you deploy the entire system using the command shown above! You have to deploy all apps before using the system. Partial deploys may cause the upgrade to be applied incorrectly.

As stated in the Upgrade Webiny section, we recommend that you first deploy your changes into one of your pre-production environments, like dev or staging.
Learn more about different deployment environments in the CI/CD / Environments key topic.