For the full list of changes, check out the Webiny 5.39.6external link release on GitHub.

Headless CMS

Improving the 5.39.0 Meta Fields Data Migration (#4115external link)

With this release, we’ve made some improvements to the 5.39.0 data migration script, the one related to the new CMS entry meta fields migration.

In order to make the data migration more reliable, we’ve added an additional check in the migration script, that ensures all of the meta fields were assigned, especially when it comes to values of non-nullable meta fields.

Note that, because of easier maintenance and, ultimately, better performance when performing the migration (less Amazon DynamoDB table scanning), we’ve decided to retire the existing 5.39.0-001 and 5.39.2-001 data migrations, and consolidate all of the checks and processing in the new 5.39.6-001.

So, from version 5.39.6 and grater, no matter if 5.39.0-001 and 5.39.2-001 data migrations were previously executed or not, they won’t be executed anymore. Only the new 5.39.6-001 will be executed, and data processing will only happen in case there is actually something to process (which should not be the case if the first two migrations were already executed).