As mentioned in the changelog, with this release, we’ve made a couple of changes to the theme folder, that was previously located in the apps folder.

In short, the main changes are:

  1. the theme folder has been moved from the apps folder to the new extensions folder
  2. the actual theme-related code is now located in the theme/src folder and not in the root of the theme folder (only package.json and tsconfig.json remain)
  3. the Reset CSSexternal link styles that have been residing in the theme/global.scssexternal link file have been removed (referenceexternal link)

And although these changes will be automatically applied to your project upon performing the upgrade (upon running the webiny upgrade command), it’s still useful to know the following.

global.scssBackup and Replacement

During the upgrade process, your existing global.scss file will be automatically backed up (global.backup.scss will be created) and replaced with the new one.

This ensures that you don’t lose any customizations you might have made to the global.scss file and that you can easily re-apply them to the new file.

Removal ofglobal.scssFile Imports

Existing imports of the global.scss file in your apps/admin and apps/website folders (Admin and Website project applications) will be removed, as the global.scss file is now imported within the theme folder itself.