For the full list of changes, check out the Webiny 5.39.5external link release on GitHub.

Page Builder

Addressed Public Website Rendering Issue (#4094external link)

Over the last couple of days, we’ve received multiple reports of Page Builder’s page rendering functionality not working. Basically, the user would publish a page, but the page would never be visible on the public website side.

Ultimately, every report was accompanied by the following error (thrown during the page rendering process):

After some testing on our side, we’ve discovered that updating versions of relevant NPM packages resolves the issue. So, with this release, we’ve updated the versions of the following NPM packages:

  1. puppeteer-coreexternal link
  2. @sparticuz/chromiumexternal link

Note that, when deployed, Webiny consumes the @sparticuz/chromium package via an AWS Lambda layerexternal link, which means we’ve had to updateexternal link its version as well. Note that the version change will be seen in the deployment logs, upon deploying the Website project application.

All in all, with all of the versions upgraded, the Page Builder’s page rendering functionality should again be working as expected.