For the full list of changes, check out the Webiny 5.39.4external link release on GitHub.

Page Builder

Addressed Public Website Routing Issue (Multi-Tenant Projects) (#4083external link)

With the 5.39.0 release, a regression was introduced that caused the public website routing in multi-tenant projects not to work as expected.

This issue has now been addressed, and the public website routing in multi-tenant projects should now work as expected.

Image Page Element - Improved SVG Support (#4041external link)

We’ve introduced the ability to use the objectexternal link HTML tag when rendering SVG images with the Image page element.

Note that, for backwards compatibility, existing SVG images on pages will still be rendered via the img HTML tag. But, if needed, users are able to change this via the new HTML Tag input:

HTML Tag OptionHTML Tag Option
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Furthermore, note that once a Webiny project is upgraded, all newly selected images will have their HTML tag set to “Auto-detect”. In other words, if a user selects a file that ends up with the .svg extension, the object HTML tag will be used. Otherwise, the img HTML tag will be used.

Folder Level Permissions (FLP)

API Tokens Losing Access to Content (#4082external link)

Prior to this release, in case folder level permissions were assigned on a folder, accessing content in it using an API token as a way of authenticating would no longer work. The user would simply start receiving NOT_AUTHORIZED errors, and the only way for the API token to gain back access to the content would be to remove the assigned folder level permissions.

This issue has now been addressed. When accessing content in a folder that has folder level permissions assigned to it, using an API token as a way of authenticating will work as expected.

With this issue now resolved, also note that API tokens are not subject to folder level permissions, and they will always have access to all content. We’ve updated the FAQ section of the existing Folder Level Permissions article to reflect this.