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Upgrade from 5.9.0 to 5.10.0

What you’ll learn
  • how to upgrade Webiny from 5.9.0 to 5.10.0

Before continuing, make sure to take the necessary precautions, listed in the Overview section.


Make sure to check out the 5.10.0 changelog to get familiar with all the changes introduced in this release.

1. Project Preparation#

First, we need to prepare your project for the upgrade process. We renamed our shared Elasticsearch package from api-plugin-elastic-search-client to api-elasticsearch, and we need to update package.json files that are using it, before attempting to upgrade packages using yarn.

In your project root, run the following:


2. Upgrade Webiny Packages#

We're now ready to upgrade all @webiny/* packages! Run the following command:

yarn up "@webiny/*@5.10.0"

Once the upgrade has finished, running the yarn webiny --version command in your terminal should return 5.10.0.


Before moving on, make sure you commit all your changes.

3. Run the Upgrade Command#

Now let's run the project upgrade:

yarn webiny upgrade 5.10.0

The upgrade script will make a couple of changes to your existing API project application's code (located within the api folder). Once the upgrade command has finished, you can run the git status command to see all changes that the command performed.

4. Deploy Your Project#

Finally, proceed by re-deploying your Webiny project:

# Execute in your project root.
yarn webiny deploy --env {environment}

As stated in the Overview section, we recommend that you first deploy your changes into one of your pre-production environments, like dev or staging.


Learn more about different deployment environments in the CI/CD / Environments key topic.

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