Build Web Apps Faster!

  • 1.
    Install with a single command
  • 2.
    Set of 50+ React JS components
  • 3.
    PHP 7 powered API with Mongo database
  • 4.
    Comes with ready-made apps
  • 5.
    Open source

It's so much more than just a framework or a library

Comes with a theme

A lot of effort was invested in creating a functional and clean-cut theme. It uses 5% of the available space on standard screens so you can focus more on your project.


We play nice with 3rd parties. Your app has a javascript dependency? No problem! Each app manages its own dependencies via npm or yarn, separately from the system.

Vagrant & Docker support

To get developers started quickly, we have created Vagrant and Docker machines. The complete development environment installed with just one command.

Fully Customizable

Personalize visual appearance of your apps. Change existing or create new themes or even fiddle with the JSX of each React component to fully tailor it to your needs.

Code Watch & Hot Reload

Watch all, a set of, or only a single application. Reduce build time and lower strain on your local machine while you are developing. See changes without refreshing your browser.

On Demand Loading

Large JS apps take a long time to load, however Webiny has a built-in LazyLoad component which will only load files and dependencies for the components you need to render the current view and nothing more. This makes your app super fast and super optimized.
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Install Webiny and spend more time with your family and friends.
We created Webiny to substitute development tools lacking in quality. There are great libraries and frameworks out there, but you have to start from scratch. On the other hand, ready made (Content Management) systems require bending their setup to fit your needs.
Webiny sits in the middle combining the best of both.


Routing is the trickiest part of all systems. We made it as simple as a Hello World app.

100% API

Full API coverage makes adding a mobile app on top a breeze.

File Storage

Uploading, deleting or reading files has never been easier. Want to store to S3 or a local server? It’s just one config line away.


Finding the perfect components, like text editor, is hard. Webiny comes with 50+ components working flawlessly together.


Your API is 100% discoverable via Postman which will spare your team from typing tons of ever-changing documentation.


Database? What’s that? ODM layer makes a DB admin tool unnecessary.

Electron Ready

Electron support is built-in, so you can easily build cross-platform desktop apps using the same React components.


Production, development, staging... Create as many environments as you need.

Webiny Apps

Here are few other apps we hacked along the way that we found useful and want to share it with you when we launch


Manage permissions, create users and assign roles. Create API tokens and monitor requests and responses for each of them individually.


Manage transactional emails like a professional. No more emails with wrong tags and dependencies on 3rd party tools for sending.


Have full control and visibility over the execution of your cron jobs. Avoid the pain of checking or emailing yourself the logs to see your cron results.


Monitor your server resources in a visual way. See the load, api performance and slow database queries in real time.


Automatically backup your files and data, and store them in an encrypted format to AWS S3. Have a 24h, 48h, 7 day and 30 day old backup of your site.