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The way how we build, deploy and operate the web is evolving. Webiny is a developer-friendly serverless CMS powered by Node and React with a headless GraphQL API.

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Build more than websites

Webiny makes it easy to build websites, web applications, APIs and microservices inside the serverless environment.

Everything you need is included

This means seamless development experience, faster project turnaround time, less bugs and greater quality output.

Microservice architecture

It’s the latest and greatest that the technology provides. Scalable serverless functions that scale together with your demand. There is no load it can’t handle.

Managed yet customizable

You don’t need to hire people and lose time managing servers, security and backups or worry about uptime. Webiny includes a managed serverless environment, but one that allows you to upload custom code.

Quick and easy setup

The provided Webiny CLI enables you to quickly setup your development environment and then deploy your projects to Webiny Serverless Cloud.

Serverless case studies

These are some of the industry case-studies showcasing companies and what they achived by migrating towards a serverless infrastructure and technology.

Webiny is made for ...

We focus on the makers. Our purpose is to help you succeed.

Get to know our components

Webiny features several different modules and components, and all are available for you to use, to quickly get started on your next project.

Visual Website Builder

Unleash your creativity. Don’t constrain your content inside a "textarea". Webiny features, not a text editor, but a full-featured website builder.

File Manager & Image Editor

Upload, browse and organize your files. Use the built-in image editor for that perfect crop. Apply a selection of filters and make your images pop.

Form Builder
Coming Soon

The perfect companion module for when you need to create forms and capture leads. The same module enables you to build contact forms and much more.


The Platform

Simply providing a great CMS solves only half of the problem. Webiny is going that extra mile, it makes a true difference.

Webiny Serverless Cloud

The CMS API is hosted inside a function. Each user can extend the API and upload custom code. The serverless cloud provides a cost-effective, but scalable infrastructure to run your code.

Webiny CLI

Use the CLI to quickly set up a Webiny instance locally on your machine. And when you are ready, with a single command you can deploy your project to our serverless cloud. With the CLI can also automate all your DevOps pipelines.

Coming Soon

Although Webiny has a visual page builder and a client-side, Webiny also features a headless module. You can use our GraphQL API to programmatically control and manage your content.

Ready to try it out? Let's start by creating your first website. It's only gonna take a minute.

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Webiny is a content management system designed to run inside a serverless environment. Webiny enables developers to build powerful websites and web applications by providing all required components.

Webiny is released under the MIT open source license.

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