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Your data under your terms. We are a privacy-focused CMS.

Hosted on your own AWS cloud

Control where and how your data is stored, protected and delivered.

Aligned with your compliance requirements.

Bring your own IdP

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Don't be a tenant in 

someone else's system

Embrace complete control and privacy with Webiny's Self-Hosted CMS. Tailored for businesses prioritizing data sovereignty and customization, our solution puts you in the driver's seat of your digital experience, ensuring data is stored and managed on your terms.

Core benefits of a self-hosted solution

Cost Savings and Operational Efficiency

Infrastructure Control

Choose your own hosting to optimize costs. This allows for tailored resource allocation, reducing unnecessary expenditures and enhancing overall ROI

Reduced Dependency

Less reliance on third-party providers means more autonomy in decision-making and quicker adjustments to market changes, leading to more efficient operations

Long-Term Savings

Own your infrastructure for long-term cost-effectiveness. This investment upfront can lead to significant savings over time, especially as your control over operational costs increases

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Enhanced Security and Compliance

Data Privacy

Your data remains within your controlled environment. This ensures that sensitive information is handled according to your stringent security protocols, minimizing risks

Compliance Alignment

Meet specific regulatory and compliance needs. Customizing your compliance approach allows for a more effective response to legal and industry-specific requirements

Secure Hosting

Leverage your existing security measures for hosting. This integration strengthens your overall security posture, safeguarding your digital assets more effectively

Customization and Flexibility

Tailored Solutions

Customize the CMS to fit your unique business requirements. This means your CMS can evolve alongside your business, always supporting your specific goals and strategies

Flexible Deployment

Deploy on-premises or in your private cloud. This flexibility caters to a variety of operational models and scales, ensuring the CMS aligns with your organizational structure

Integration Friendly

Easily integrate with your existing tech stack. Seamless integration reduces operational friction and enhances the efficiency of your digital ecosystem

Scalability and Growth

Adapt to Demand

Effortlessly scale your CMS to meet growing user traffic and content needs. This ensures that your CMS can handle increased load without compromising on performance

Custom Growth Strategy

Expand your CMS capabilities in line with your business evolution. This proactive approach to scalability supports continuous growth and market adaptability

Maintain Performance

Ensure consistent, high-level performance, even as your demands increase. This commitment to performance excellence is crucial for maintaining user satisfaction and operational efficiency

Flexible Resource Allocation

Adjust your resources as needed, avoiding over or underutilization. Efficient resource management is key to optimizing both performance and costs as your business grows

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Webiny aligns to your CISO’s data governance requirements

By choosing self-hosted Webiny, you'll have the power to ensure your content is stored exactly where you want it, with the encryption levels and protection you require. You can rest easy knowing that only those you trust have access to your valuable data.

Don't settle for a CMS that forces you to align with their data governance policies. Choose Webiny, a self-hosted, SOC2-certified solution, and take control of your data security today! To learn more about our robust security features, visit Webiny security page.

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How does Webiny ensure data security in a self-hosted environment?

Data Security Protocols: Webiny leverages your existing security infrastructure, aligning with your data protection policies.

Can Webiny's self-hosted CMS be integrated with existing enterprise systems?

System Integration: Yes, it's designed for easy integration with enterprise systems, offering API support for seamless connectivity.

How does Webiny handle scalability and performance in a self-hosted setup?

Scalability and Performance: The CMS is optimized for high performance and can scale according to the capacity of your hosting environment.

What level of technical expertise is required to manage Webiny's self-hosted CMS?

Technical Expertise: Some level of technical knowledge is recommended for initial setup and ongoing maintenance, but Webiny's documentation provides comprehensive guidance.

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