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Business value of a serverless CMS

Learn how switching to a serverless CMS you can increase your business resiliency and significantly reduce your infrastructure spend.

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Your In-Depth Guide to Headless CMS

You're probably familiar with a traditional content management system, but what is a headless CMS? Take a deep dive into this backend interface in this guide.



Development of an MVP project as a value-added module in the care sector in cooperation with the Versicherungskammer Bayern, S-Markt & Mehrwert and Reha Assist.


The benefits of a Serverless CMS

Learn how switching to a serverless CMS can save you 39% in infrastructure cost, 60% in operation cost, increase your business resiliency and unlock many more benefits.


Serverless Architecture, Computing and Framework

In-Depth Guide on Serverless Computing, Architecture, Frameworks, and Security from The Industry Experts from Webiny. Covering Benefits of Serverless Computing, Explaining FaaS, Databases, and more...


Versicherungskammer & Alice&Britt

Building a future-proof new platform that is as flexible as possible, and can be continuously expanded and developed - turned out to be a perfect task for Webiny Headless CMS.


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