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Host thousands of projects from a single instance. 

Unleash the power of efficient multi-site management with Webiny's Multi-Tenancy feature. Effortlessly host and manage thousands of projects from a single instance, streamlining your operations and significantly reducing overhead. Tailor-made for businesses seeking a unified, scalable solution for expansive digital landscapes.

Manage content for an unlimited number of websites or projects from a single instance with full data separation between projects/tenants.

Multi-tenancy reduces maintenance costs and improves efficiency while using the same infrastructure and code base.

Use the Webiny API to programmatically configure tenants, pre-populate content, and bootstrap them with your custom templates.

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You don't need 10 systems 

to manage 10 websites

You can use a single Webiny instance to manage content for unlimited websites. This will drastically reduce your management overhead and cost.

Cost Savings with Single CMS Management

Reduced Overhead: Centralizing management means fewer resources are spent on multiple systems.

Infrastructure Efficiency: Optimize infrastructure usage, cutting down on unnecessary costs.

Streamlined Customizations: Make changes in one place, saving time and reducing expenses.

SaaS Foundation: Ideal for building SaaS applications, and minimizing initial and ongoing expenses.

Enhanced Efficiency with Unified CMS

Developer Productivity: Update and maintain one code base, significantly increasing developer efficiency.

Simplified Training: Train your teams on a single system, streamlining the learning process.

Maintenance Ease: With one CMS, system updates and maintenance become more manageable and less time-consuming.

Collaborative Advantages in a Single CMS Environment

Unified Content Strategy: Facilitate a cohesive content strategy across all projects.

Team Alignment: Bring developers, marketing teams and content writers onto the same page, enhancing collaboration.

Seamless Content Management: Manage content for multiple projects in one place, fostering a collaborative and efficient working environment.

Handle Even the Most Advanced Use-Cases

White label: Each tenant can have a fully branded experience. 

Extend the tenant model: Attach meta information to your tenants. Use the meta information to show/hide different features and options on a tenant level.

Seed tenants: Every time you create a new tenant, you can automatically seed the tenant's system with content to provide them a system that's ready to use the first time the access it. 

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How does Multi-Tenancy simplify website management?

By centralizing management, you save time and resources, making updates and maintenance more efficient.

Can each tenant (website) be customized independently?

Yes, every tenant can have its own unique design, content, and functionality.

Is data separation between different tenants secure?

Absolutely, Webiny ensures complete data isolation between tenants for security and privacy.

How does Multi-Tenancy impact the performance of my sites?

Webiny's serverless architecture ensures high performance, even when scaling to thousands of tenants.

How does Webiny ensure data isolation between tenants?

Webiny employs strict data isolation protocols at the database level to ensure that each tenant's data is securely segregated.

Can Webiny's Multi-Tenancy scale dynamically with increased demand?

Webiny's serverless architecture allows for dynamic scaling, efficiently handling increased loads and user traffic as your multi-tenant environment grows.

What kind of customization options are available for different tenants?

Webiny supports extensive customization for each tenant, including unique themes, functionalities, and content structures, all manageable from a centralized code base.

How does Webiny handle version control and updates across multiple tenants?

Version Control and Updates: Webiny provides streamlined version control, allowing simultaneous updates across all tenants while maintaining individual tenant customizations.

Is there API support for programmatic access and management of tenants?

Webiny offers robust API support, enabling programmatic access and management of tenants, facilitating automation and integration with other systems.

How does Webiny ensure the performance is not affected when managing multiple tenants?

Webiny is designed to optimize performance across tenants, using efficient resource allocation and serverless technology to maintain high-speed operation regardless of tenant count.

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