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Form Builder

Create Forms Using a Drag&Drop Interface and Track Conversions

Serverless & Self-hosted

Quick and easy deployment using Webiny CLI.

Complete package

Build forms, define terms and conditions, setup a captcha and view submissions.


Have a full control over how your form will look like, including on mobile devices.

Webiny Serverless Page Builder

Serverless by design

use a single command to deploy and configure serverless infrastructure

use a single command to deploy and configure serverless infrastructure

forget about maintenance and scalability headaches

forget about maintenance and scalability headaches

don't overpay your cloud provider, pay exactly what you've used

don't overpay your cloud provider, pay exactly what you've used

Why go serverless?

Build both simple and complex forms pages

Create custom fields and validators

Forms have revisions, so you never lose track of changes

Integrated ReCAPTCHA

Ability to add 3rd party services via webhooks

View, filter and export submissions

See it in action



Drag & drop form builder

Drag and drop fields to create a form. It's super easy to use, no code required. Create anything from simple contact forms to complex sales forms, all in a few minutes.


Create fields with custom validation rules

There are endless applications for the forms. Some of them might require quite specific rules for what users can write into a field.

The UI supports different validation rules to be set. From simple rules to creating a combinations with several rules. This control ensures the form only accepts the correct value sets.


Multi-language support throughout

Creating multi-language content is quite challenging. Creating a form with multi-language support is even harder. Webiny Form Builder has numerous features for this use-case.

From multi-language field names, placeholders, error messages and validation rules, to multi-language terms of service and captcha messages.


Several different field types

Webiny Form Builder features all the essential form elements you might need. This includes basic input fields, as well as text areas for longer text input. Fields like dropdowns, checkboxes, radio buttons, and hidden inputs are also included.


Preview the form before saving

Preview the form right within the form builder. The preview screen is fully 1:1 representation of how your form will look like once included in a page. The preview also follows the selected theme and all the visual rules that you might have defined.


ReCAPTCHA and ToS rules

The integrated option to add a ReCAPTCHA box protects the forms from those evil bots. There is also the option to configure a terms of service checkbox. The ToS is something a user must agree to before submitting the form. This ensuring your GDPR articles are obeyed.


Track form performance

For each form, you will have a clear overview on how the form is performing. You can view the details about each form submit. This provides the full information that the user has entered into the form.


Connect 3rd parties using Webhooks

There are cases where you want to trigger specific actions each time someone submits a form. In some examples you might even want to notify and send the data to a 3rd party. Examples are zapier, slack and similar. Webiny Form Builder allows this integration via a webhook. All you need is the POST URL of the 3rd party.


Integrated with Webiny Page Builder

Once happy with how the form looks like, it's time to insert it into a page. The provided integration with Webiny Page Builder makes this super easy. It's a simple matter of dragging and dropping the form element into a column on a page. Once inserted you will select which form and which revision should to display.

Why choose Webiny?

flying man


  • check markNo need to manage infrastructure
  • pointUnable to customise the product
  • pointYou can only build websites
  • pointUsually a black-box
  • pointYou don't own your data

OpenSource CMS

  • check markYou can customise the product
  • check markBuild more than websites
  • pointNeed to hire people to manage infrastructure
  • pointHigh total cost of ownership
  • pointNeed to over provision and over pay for infrastructure to handle peak demands
  • pointWorry about flash-crowds, networking, orchestration, maintenance, and more


  • check markServerless level scale, handle any peak demand right out of the box
  • check markSave 60% on infrastructure cost compared to OpenSource
  • check markFaster time to market as you don't spend time on architecting and orchestrating infrastructure
  • check markBuild applications, APIs, microservices and websites
  • check markPay per request - never overpay for infrastructure again
  • check markNo vendor lock-in
  • check markLower TCO when compared to both SaaS and OpenSource
  • check markRuns on the architecture of the future

All Webiny Apps Get the Full Spectrum of Serverless Benefits Out of the Box

High-availability and fault tolerance built in

High-availability and fault tolerance built in

99.999999999% (11 9’s) of data durability

99.999999999% (11 9’s) of data durability

Enterprise-grade secure and scalable ACL

Enterprise-grade secure and scalable ACL

Event-driven scalability - pay for what you use

Event-driven scalability - pay for what you use

Great performance using a global CDN

Great performance using a global CDN

DDoS Protection of your APIs

DDoS Protection of your APIs

webiny app: headless cms

Headless CMS

GraphQL based headless CMS with powerful content modeling features.

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webiny app: page builder

Page Builder

For when you need a quick landing page created without any coding.

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webiny app: Form builder

Form Builder

Create forms using a drag&drop interface and track how they convert.

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File Manager

Upload, categorize, search and edit your files.

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