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A true open-source headless CMS solution

Dive into the realm of limitless possibilities with Webiny's Open Source headless CMS. Designed for developers and enterprise businesses alike, it offers the ultimate flexibility to customize, extend, and innovate, ensuring your headless CMS perfectly aligns with your unique organizational needs and vision.

Architected with hooks, plugins and life cycle events so you can customize every aspect of the platform

Expandable GraphQL API

Typescript (strict) support

Community of more than 2,000 developers

6,900+ stars on GitHub

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Harness the benefits of 

the open source

Being open source is more than having a public repo with a MIT licence

Customization, Flexibility, and Cost Efficiency

Endless Customization: Modify and tailor the CMS to your specific requirements.

Developer Freedom: Leverage open-source flexibility to innovate and create unique solutions.

Community Contributions: Benefit from a community-driven approach with continuous enhancements.

Resource Optimization: Utilize your own resources effectively, reducing dependency on external services.

Enhanced Control and Security

Complete Control: Own your codebase for total control over your CMS environment.

Security Assurance: Implement your security protocols and updates as needed.

Scalability and Performance

Grow as You Need: Scale your CMS with your business, without limitations.

High Performance: Maintain optimal performance with the ability to optimize and fine-tune your setup.

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Open-source vs SaaS

If you’re switching from a proprietary SaaS solution you’ll enjoy these benefits:


Open-source solutions costs less than a SaaS solution, especially once you start scaling.


Make modifications to the source code, unlike a closed black-box SaaS solution.


You’ll have complete control and ownership over your data.


Deep integrate with existing system.


Easily adjust infrastructure to meet the demand of your users.

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How does open-source ensure I can customize the CMS to my needs?

Open-source code means you can modify and extend the CMS functionalities to meet your exact requirements.

What support is available for developers using the open-source CMS?

Benefit from extensive documentation and a vibrant community for support and collaboration.

How can I contribute to the Webiny Open Source CMS?

Learn how you can contribute to the CMS through GitHub, enhancing the platform for everyone.

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