Your data under your terms. We are a privacy-focused CMS.

Hosted on your own AWS cloud

Control where and how your data is stored, protected and delivered.

Aligned with your compliance requirements.

Bring your own IdP

Don't be a tenant in 

someone else's system

Keep your data in your own cloud, under your own security 

perimeter, obeying your compliance requirements.

Core benefits of a self-hosted solution


With a self-hosted solution, you have complete control over the installation, configuration, and customization of the software. You can also choose the hardware and infrastructure to run the software on, which is not possible with a SaaS solution.


Self-hosted solutions offer greater control over data privacy and security, as all the data remains in your own infrastructure and can be encrypted and backed up according to your policies.


While the initial cost of a self-hosted solution may be higher than a SaaS solution, it can be more cost-effective in the long run, especially for larger organizations with high-traffic websites or heavy data storage requirements.


Self-hosted solutions can be easily scaled to meet increasing demand, as you have the flexibility to add more resources or upgrade the hardware as needed.

Webiny aligns to your CISO’s data governance requirements

By choosing self-hosted Webiny, you'll have the power to ensure your content is stored exactly where you want it, with the encryption levels and protection you require. You can rest easy knowing that only those you trust have access to your valuable data.

Don't settle for a CMS that forces you to align with their data governance policies. Choose Webiny, a self-hosted, SOC2-certified solution, and take control of your data security today! To learn more about our robust security features, visit Webiny security page.

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