Host thousands of projects from a single instance. 

Manage content for an unlimited number of websites or projects from a single instance.

Full data separation between projects/tenants.

Reduced management overhead and costs.

You don't need 10 systems 

to manage 10 websites

You can use a single Webiny instance to manage content for unlimited websites. This will drastically reduce your management overhead and cost.

Consolidate your CMSes into one and save costs

Having a single CMS instance for multiple projects means:

Increased developer efficiency, you only update and maintain one code base.

You only need to train your marketing teams and content writers to use one system.

Reduced management overhead and costs

Customizations are only done in one place.

More efficient infrastructure usage and reduced cost.

Ideal foundation for building SaaS applications.

Increased business agility

Webiny CMS multi-tenancy feature allows the hosting of multiple projects (tenants) with complete data isolation.

Multi-tenancy reduces maintenance costs and improves efficiency while using the same infrastructure and code base.

Start a new project in seconds, it takes two clicks to create a new tenant. Use the Webiny API to programmatically configure tenants, pre-populate content, and bootstrap them with your custom templates.

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