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Weekly Updates August 21st

Albiona HotiTwitter
August 21, 2020

🆕 What’s New in Webiny 4.9.0?

In this week’s release, we introduce a couple of improvements and fixes in different areas of Webiny. Let’s check them out!

🚀 Features

  • Improved UX on existing scaffolding tools (#1193)

This week, we decided to apply final polishes to all of the scaffolding tools that come with every Webiny project. So now, while the scaffolding tools are doing their thing, the user will see informative messages about the changes and additions made in the project files. And with that, some of the scaffolds will print the next steps, so that the user immediately knows what to do next. Check the #1193 to see every scaffold in action!

  • Page builder app: add support for two-way element settings linking (afcde15)
  • Add context-after-content-models plugin (a859fe1)
  • Introduce wait helper function (3ed941b)

🐞 Bug Fixes

  • App-template-admin-full: apply user plugins after the template plugins (#1178) (ec76ff1)
  • Enable getContentModels and listContentModels in the READ/PREVIEW API (6c57c76)
  • Simplify file tags form (5ac70cd)

⬇️ Try the Latest Release

Give Webiny a try by following our Quick Start, which will guide you through the initial setup steps.

If you have an existing Webiny project, you can upgrade your project by running yarn upgrade.

And, just in case you’ve missed it, check out the full changelog.

🙌 Community Updates

🔮 Webiny Applications

We are offering to you, our community, the ready-made serverless applications out of the box!

Check out the Headless CMS solution, the Page Builder to build stunning landing pages, the Form Builder, and the File Manager.

Start building your serverless applications today 🚀

📚Knowledge Sharing


This week we have additional videos on Commodo. As you may already know, Commodo is a library of higher-order functions (HOFs) that lets you create and compose rich data models.

Check out our YouTube videos on:

07. Field Helper Functions

08. Functional Fields

09. Custom Higher-Order Functions and Function Composition

10. Custom Properties

11. Hooks

Webiny Plugins

Webiny framework supports a very simple system of plugins that powers both the React apps and the API services. As soon as you begin developing something with Webiny, you’ll be working with plugins.

Learn about Webiny Plugins below 🔬

💡 Build Your Serverless GraphQL API With Webiny

In this tutorial, Webiny’s DevRel Albiona, guides you on building a Habits Tracker API service using the GraphQL Apollo Service scaffold, which will consist of the Habitmodel. By accessing the /graphql URL you will read (query) and write (mutations) new data for your habits.

Check out the tutorial.

🤝 Get Involved

We encourage everyone to get involved and contribute, regardless of their experience level. Read the contributing guide, and if you still run into problems, just give us a ping on Slack, we will help you out.

Our development team is on standby to help your in-house team to learn and adopt Webiny — all free of cost!

🚀 We Are Hiring

We are looking for a member to join our team. If you are interested? Apply for the Full-Stack JavaScript Engineer role.

Since we are a small team, in this role, you’ll have a significant opportunity to directly influence the technical and product design choices we will make.

About Webiny

Webiny is an open source serverless CMS that offers you all the enterprise-grade functionalities, while keeping your data within the security perimeter of your own infrastructure.

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