Page Builder

Build Stunning Landing Pages With an Easy to Use Drag&Drop Editor

Serverless & Self-hosted

Quick and easy deployment using Webiny CLI.

Easy Theming

Themes are created using JavaScript and SCSS.

Mobile responsive

All the generated pages will look great on any device and screen size.

Webiny Serverless Page Builder

Serverless by design

use a single command to deploy and configure serverless infrastructure

use a single command to deploy and configure serverless infrastructure

forget about maintenance and scalability headaches

forget about maintenance and scalability headaches

don't overpay your cloud provider, pay exactly what you've used

don't overpay your cloud provider, pay exactly what you've used

Why go serverless?

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Great for building landing pages and marketing sites

Simple and intuitive UI that anyone can use

Expand the capabilities by developing plugins

Build your own theme

All pages are mobile responsive

SEO and Social media friendly

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Drag & drop page builder

Unleash your creativity. Don’t constrain your content inside a "textarea". Webiny features, not a text editor, but a full featured drag&drop builder.

This allows you to build more engaging pages and present your content in the way it deserves. Your users will thank you.


Building blocks included

Often a CMS gives you the option to arrange your content in a crude and boring way and your users will notice that. So, what good is a CMS if it’s not keeping your users engaged?

To spin things around, Webiny features a set of built-in inspirational content blocks. You can drop into your page and adjust them to fit your needs. It will make every page a unique engaging experience.


Page revisions

Never lose sight of who changed what. Go back in time and restore previous versions of a page. Work on new content drafts without publishing them until ready.


Page elements

Page builder features over 15 different elements you can add to a page. Create rich experiences for your visitors. If an element is missing, it’s easy to create one as they are simple React components. Each element controls its presentation layer, as well as settings and configuration options.


SEO & social media

Control the SEO aspects of a page. Tags like page title, description, keywords as well as any other. Page builder comes with a set of predefined OpenGraph fields. They define how a page looks when share across different social media sites.


Navigation menus

Menus and navigation are crucial part of every site. Page builder includes a module for building navigation menus. Insert pages, list of pages, or create a sub-tree navigation. You can also add external links and control the arrangement of menu items.


Organize your content

To better organise the content, each page belongs to a specific page category. A page category defines which theme layout it will used to display the content. Page categories also control the URL prefix used for all page in this group. This makes the page URL look nice and structured.

Why choose Webiny?

flying man


  • check markNo need to manage infrastructure
  • pointUnable to customise the product
  • pointYou can only build websites
  • pointUsually a black-box
  • pointYou don't own your data

OpenSource CMS

  • check markYou can customise the product
  • check markBuild more than websites
  • pointNeed to hire people to manage infrastructure
  • pointHigh total cost of ownership
  • pointNeed to over provision and over pay for infrastructure to handle peak demands
  • pointWorry about flash-crowds, networking, orchestration, maintenance, and more


  • check markServerless level scale, handle any peak demand right out of the box
  • check markSave 60% on infrastructure cost compared to OpenSource
  • check markFaster time to market as you don't spend time on architecting and orchestrating infrastructure
  • check markBuild applications, APIs, microservices and websites
  • check markPay per request - never overpay for infrastructure again
  • check markNo vendor lock-in
  • check markLower TCO when compared to both SaaS and OpenSource
  • check markRuns on the architecture of the future

All Webiny Apps Get the Full Spectrum of Serverless Benefits Out of the Box

High-availability and fault tolerance built in

High-availability and fault tolerance built in

99.999999999% (11 9’s) of data durability

99.999999999% (11 9’s) of data durability

Enterprise-grade secure and scalable ACL

Enterprise-grade secure and scalable ACL

Event-driven scalability - pay for what you use

Event-driven scalability - pay for what you use

Great performance using a global CDN

Great performance using a global CDN

DDoS Protection of your APIs

DDoS Protection of your APIs

webiny app: headless cms

Headless CMS

GraphQL based headless CMS with powerful content modeling features.

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webiny app: page builder

Page Builder

For when you need a quick landing page created without any coding.

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webiny app: Form builder

Form Builder

Create forms using a drag&drop interface and track how they convert.

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webiny app: file manager

File Manager

Upload, categorize, search and edit your files.

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