Create GraphQL APIs for your mobile and web apps

Use GraphQL, the better way to build APIs

GraphQL brings numerous benefits over REST, however, some of the setup and configuration can be challenging. With Webiny, you’ll get a preconfigured environment and you can start creating your GraphQL API right away.

Take the microservices approach

It’s the latest and greatest that technology provides. Each microservice is hosted inside a serverless function which scales together with your demand. There is no load this setup can’t take.

Apollo Federation

Having multiple APIs is usually a requirement for any larger application. In many cases, this ends up being a monolithic structure. To avoid that, Webiny uses Apollo Federation which allows you to have multiple GraphQL services in a single graph distributed across multiple functions.

Built-in access control layer

The fine-grain ACL layer inside Webiny allows you to configure user access rights to the smallest unit. You can also issue API tokens for users to use inside applications and 3rd party services.

Build & Deploy CLI

If you ever tried configuring webpack, babel and other tools for your development environment you’ll know it’s painful and time-consuming. With Webiny this is all preconfigured for you. Also to deploy your project, it’s a single command.

Host your API inside a managed serverless cloud

Building a great home for your API is challenging. We have invested significant time in creating the Webiny serverless cloud. Your API will be safe, perform amazingly well and scale to handle any demand.

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Webiny is a content management system designed to run inside a serverless environment. Webiny enables developers to build powerful websites and web applications by providing all required components.

Webiny is released under the MIT open source license.

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