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The benefits of a Serverless CMS

Increase your business resiliency and reduce infrastructure spend

By switching to Webiny these are the quantifiable gains you can expect:

Save 1/3 in infrastructure cost 

and 2/3 in operation cost

By switching to Webiny you can unlock significant savings that a modern solution provides and start utilising them today!

39% reduction in IT infrastructure spend

The serverless pay-per-use pricing model eliminates the need to over-provision infrastructure resources, making them just sit there underutilised.

In 2022 research done by AWS it was concluded that the average infrastructure spend can be cut by 39% by switching to serverless.

Webiny is a solution designed from the ground up to run on the AWS serverless infrastructure. By switching to a modern, serverless-based CMS, you can start utilising those savings right away without expensive engineering investments.

Capture revenue that would otherwise be lost due to outages

Spikes in the traffic show there is an increase in the demand for your product. At that crucial moment, your systems need to handle the spike so you capture all those sales. Unfortunately, these are precisely the moments more websites go down because the underlying infrastructure is not designed for those spikes, or can’t scale fast enough to meet them.

Webiny was designed to handle such spikes out of the box. We’ve stress tested the system by going from 0 users to over 100k concurrent users in a matter of a few minutes, easily handling thousands of requests per second.

60% lower five-year total cost of operations vs legacy environments

By combining different benefits and savings serverless provides, such as savings on infrastructure, staff requirements, and an increase in user productivity, over a five-year period you will save 60% on the cost of operations - as stated in a recent IDC whitepaper.

Those savings are pushed even further by switching to Webiny which not only brings you those serverless savings and benefits but further automates the serverless management operations bringing in additional savings on top.

At least 30% savings on enterprise licence cost vs competition

Because SasS vendors are in-flexible to changing their pricing models and don’t want to put in the effort to really understand your business so they can price you accordingly, their quotes are in practice much higher than ours.

Webiny, by being self-hosted, we’re able to offer different pricing models to enterprise customers, one where the amount we charge is directly related to the value and the success of the customer and their business.

Increase developer productivity, 

and reduce your downtime

Empower your development teams to focus more on 

generating and delivering value to their businesses.

33% average higher developer productivity

Applications built on top of the AWS serverless infrastructure, such as Webiny, enable development teams to focus more time on building applications logic, rather than dealing with infrastructure.

On average customers will benefit from a 33% increase in developer productivity(1). This means that development teams generate and deliver more value to their businesses. Any increases in their productivity will mean the product gets to market faster and the revenue is captured sooner.

76% faster development life cycles for new apps and features

Organisations today require agility and flexibility, and at the same time, they need to minimise the time to market for new products. These are tough challenges to face, but by choosing the right technology and solutions, organisations can solve those. This is one of the reasons Webiny choose the AWS serverless services as its infrastructure.

With a CMS solution such as Webiny, development teams don’t need to manually spin up, manage, patch, and secure servers. There is a significant reduction in time needed until such a solution goes into production. Additionally, it eases the burden of administering and provisioning IT resources, as well as optimises the IT infrastructure spend with its infrastructure consumption-based pricing model.

Reduce the revenue impact of 

downtimes and security incidents

71% average decrease in unplanned downtimes

Unplanned downtimes cause a loss in revenue, and those are especially painful when they happen at peak traffic events or merely by a human mistake.

Such downtime events can be avoided in 71% of cases by removing the necessity to manage, maintain and scale the infrastructure on your own.

Solutions, such as Webiny, where the underlying infrastructure is made of serverless services, require no human interaction to manage, scale, or maintain. It drastically reduces the downtimes caused by traffic events or human-related accidents.

14% reduction in time to resolve security incidents

Security incidents can happen anywhere and at any time. From simple miss configuration errors to not patching your underlying system in a timely way.

Modern infrastructure, such as serverless, that Webiny utilises, reduces the potential of a security incident by a human error. The underlying infrastructure is always patched on time, since this is handled by the cloud vendor, and is no longer your responsibility.

In the odd event that there is a security incident, it takes less time to resolve such an incident, when compared to solutions running on traditional infrastructure improving your organisation’s operational resiliency.

$144,000 average additional revenue unlocked per organisation

On average, organisations that switched to serverless reported gaining $20.66 million in additional revenue per year by better addressing business opportunities, as well as another $144,100 per year by reducing the frequency of revenue-impacting unplanned downtime.

You can gain those savings and the additional revenue serverless unlocks by adopting Webiny and experience firsthand the full plethora of benefits a modern solution like ours provides.

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