What you'll learn
  • how to create a new Webiny CLI command
  • how to override existing commands


Webiny CLI is pluggable by default, which means you can create new commands, or even override existing ones, simply by adding a new plugin, with its type property set to cli-command.

This can be useful if you want to create one or more custom commands for your project, which the developers can use.

Adding the Command

For this tutorial, we’re going to create a new plugin directly in the webiny.project.js file, located in your project root folder.

The content of this file might look something like the following:


Notice the plugins required in the cli.plugins array. This is where we are going to add our own, for example:


To test it out, in your terminal of choice, you can run the following commands:

Moving the Code To a Separate File

Inserting new plugins directly into the webiny.project.js works, but overtime, may become crowded. Feel free to move this code into a separate file, for example scripts/drinkCommand.js, and use the webiny.project.js just to call the necessary require statements.

To define commands, we use the yargs library, which is provided as one of the named arguments of the create function. Be sure to check out the official Yargs documentationexternal link for more information.

Overriding Existing Commands

We override existing commands by overriding already registered plugins, which is done by registering a new plugin with the name property equal to the name property of the plugin we want to override.

In the above shown code, we have the following import in the cli.plugins array:

This function call registers the cli-command-deployment plugin, which sets up all of the necessary commands for deploying your project, using the default deployment solution - Pulumi. If we wanted to override it, we’d simply register a plugin with the same cli-command-deployment name again, and write our own commands in the create function we’ve seen above.

If you can access the plugin you’re overriding, you should also remove it. So, if we wanted to override the cli-command-deployment plugin, we should also remove the require("@webiny/cli-plugin-deploy-pulumi")() statement.