Build microservices and deploy them in seconds with a single command

CLI for automatic deployment

Webiny CLI deploys your microservice to the Webiny Serverless Cloud using an automated process. It’s a single command and your service is live almost instantly.

Deploy a single service or multiple services in a single command

In some cases, you need to update only a particular service, in others a set of services, and once in a while, you might need to update all of your services. Webiny CLI makes it super easy to do just that.

Bring your own libraries and call 3rd party services

When building on top of Webiny, you can use any NPM library out there, as well as you can connect and call any 3rd party API.

Create both GraphQL APIs as well as HTTP services

With Webiny you can create new GraphQL APIs, that are registered with Apollo Gateway. You can also create generic services that are invoked via an HTTP request on a specified URL.

Build with less overhead

Building and deploying microservices requires significant time. Webiny enables you to have your services up and running in less time and with less effort leaving time for more important things.

Host your microservices inside a managed serverless cloud

Webiny Serverless Cloud hosts your microservices inside a managed cloud which scales and removes you from the tasks of managing functions and configuring API gateways, certificates and more.

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Webiny is a content management system designed to run inside a serverless environment. Webiny enables developers to build powerful websites and web applications by providing all required components.

Webiny is released under the MIT open source license.

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