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Versicherungskammer & Alice&Britt

Project requirements

Microservices architecture to publish content to other channels

Flexible tech stack for individual frontend features

Smart content models for fast and easy publishing of the new content

Fast go live

Future-proof the stack beyond the MVP stage

Product used 

Webiny Serverless CMS


OEV Online Dienste GmbH (OEV) was founded in Düsseldorf (Germany) in 2001. It is an expert for digital media with distinct expertise in CMS systems. It develops comprehensive, cross-media concepts and advises clients on all aspects of digital distribution.


More than half of those in need of care in Germany are cared for by relatives at home. This is a mammoth task that usually places a great burden on those involved. Instead of leaving caregiving relatives to deal with the flood of information on their own, the insurance company Versicherungskammer created - a platform that bundles the most important information and instructions. Laying it out for the user on as few pages as possible, and explaining them in a comprehensible way. Since it is difficult to estimate how many people will use the platform and at what times, the platform must be highly performant. At the same time, server capacities should not be unnecessarily reserved. This makes the project a challenge from a technical perspective as well.

What was the challenge?

The solution needs to be as future-proof and as flexible as possible - This was the client requirement for the new platform from the very beginning. Knowing that the platform is to be continuously expanded and developed, but without being able to foresee in which direction Pflege Partner platform could actually develop, one thing quickly became clear: an implementation on a traditional content management system is not enough. After a proof of concept, the decision was finally made in favour of a Headless CMS and Webiny, as the appropriate provider.

The various building blocks and the expected flexibility of the new platform were particularly challenging.

Janek Hornung, OEV DevOps Engineer

How did Webiny provide the solution?

Webiny Serverless CMS was a perfect fit for this challenging project and met all the technical requirements. It is an open-source project that allows for maximum flexibility. It works natively and serverless on top of the AWS infrastructure, so it can scale infinitely. In addition, the system is a pleasure to use from a development perspective. It is a cloud-native system that works serverless. This means that you don't have to worry about performance, and you don't have to worry about servers and configuring them.

“We have already used Webiny very successfully in other projects. The system convinced us with its modern architecture and flexibility. For this lighthouse project, it was therefore immediately decided that Webiny would be the choice.”

Britt Launspach, Alice Berger und Britt Launspach GbR (alice&britt)


The project for the Versicherungskammer went live at the end of 2020. With this launch, a new standard was set for the insurance group, and OEV successfully implemented a lighthouse project with a perfect tech stack under the hood.



The Versicherungskammer Group combines 15 brands in Germany and abroad. The Group offers all-round insurance protection for people and property, with a particular focus on preventing damage. The comprehensive product range is aimed at private customers, companies, farmers and institutions.




alice&britt is a communication consultant company based in Düsseldorf. In collaboration with a strong network of creative individuals and partners, the company offers an extensive range of services from initial concept onto the realization of the strategic goals. Employing communication as a tool, the team aims to tackle the prevailing Care-Crisis in Germany.


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