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Webiny Month in Review: June 2021

Swapnil M ManeTwitter
July 09, 2021

Webiny's monthly updates are here! In this update - ⚡learn about the new scaffolding utilities and improved development workflows, and what's New in Webiny. Let's get started ⬇️

🙌 Community Updates

⚙️ New Scaffolding Utilities and Improved Development Workflows

With the recent Webiny releases, we've introduced a significant improvement to the existing scaffolding utilities and development workflows.

In this article, Webiny’s lead developer Adrian talks about these improvements with a demo in action!

🔐 Tutorial on Securing Your Application

Learn how to secure your Webiny Application, check out our new tutorial on Webiny Security Framework! In this tutorial you will learn how to secure your GraphQL API and Admin Area modules, using a couple of built-in concepts and utilities.

⏱️ Revisit the New Watch Command

The new webiny watch command brings the development experience to a whole new level!

In this blog post, Adrian will give you a short overview of the command's most important features with a demo.

🆕 What's New in Webiny?

Webiny 5.8.0 and 5.9.0 released in the past month. Also, we shipped our latest release 5.10.0 in early July and here are some of the highlighted release updates:

🚀 Features

Node 12 Runtime and a New Sharp Layer #1738

With AWS deprecating Node 10 Lambda runtime, we've also upgraded all of our Lambda functions to use Node 12 (you may have noticed that File Manager Lambdas were using node 10). With that, we also released a new version of the Sharp layer, which is twice smaller, and also supports Node 14, so we have peace of mind for the near future.

Admin Area React Application - Reduced Deployment Time #1740

Prior to 5.10.0 release, every time we'd deploy the Admin Area project application (apps/admin), all of the React application's production build files (JS, CSS, images) would be re-uploaded from scratch, even if we didn't perform any changes in our application code.

From now on, files whose content didn't change simply won't be uploaded. This will significantly speed up the deployment of the Admin Area project application.

Improved Scaffolding and Development Workflows #1720

We've gone through a complete overhaul of the existing GraphQL API Package and Admin Area Package and significantly improved the GraphQL and Admin Area scaffold along with various visual improvements.

Preloading and Caching Improvements #1753

Improvements to the prerendering service, handling of missing cache-control response headers and enchantments to asset preloading will improve the page load times for pages created with Webiny Page Builder.

Reorganization of Security Packages #1693

The security layer in Webiny consists of plugins spread across several packages. Up until now, it was difficult to navigate these packages and understand the responsibilities of each one of them. We've restructured and refactored the code into packages with better naming, proper separation of concerns, and we've also introduced several new plugins to make integrations and extending easier.

🐞 Bug Fixes

Handling emails that contain special characters #1693

There was a bug with user's emails containing special characters, like john+doe@email.com. The + would crash the app entirely once it made its way to the URL, like /users?login=john+doe@email.com. This is now sorted, and email addresses are now properly encoded/decoded.

A shoutout to @xintellion for spotting and reporting this one! 🙌

Serving non-image files from CDN #1710

When files are uploaded via File Manager, ultimately, they must always be served to users over a CDN Amazon Cloudfront. This was true for images, but in every other case, files would be directly served from S3, making the actual file download less optimal.

This has now been taken care of. Whenever possible, all types of files will be served from a CDN.

⬇️️ Try the Latest Release

Give Webiny a try by following our Quick Start, which will guide you through the initial setup steps. If you have an existing Webiny project, you can follow the upgrade guide.

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