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Webiny Hacktoberfest 2020 Final Week

Albiona HotiTwitter
October 28, 2020

Overview 🔎

As we are getting closer to November, we have to say goodbye to the Hacktoberfest adventure!

For all of you who participated in Hacktoberfest this month, don’t forget that the clock is ticking on preparing those pull-requests getting accepted/merged.

For all of the first time contributors - well done! You managed to get out of the overwhelming open source world and successfully landed your first contribution 👏

Webiny Maintainers 🚧

This year was fully adventurous for us @ Webiny!

Webiny participated in Hacktoberfest for the first time - even though we are preparing for our next big release, Webiny version 5 by the New Year, we managed to welcome our new contributors and guide them through the Webiny setup process.

Hacktoberfest gave us really good insight on how to keep our community active by giving them the necessary tools, and resources to thrive on setting up and developing Webiny.

It’s amazing to see new contributors joining us for the Hacktoberfest and work continuously on open issues 🎉

This month we celebrate 350+ community members on slack, without whom we’d never be able to be where we are today! Thank you.

Thank You to Our Contributors 🧡

We’re thrilled to share that we’ve had 6 contributors during the Hacktoberfest who commit improvements across the many areas of Webiny 🎉

Let’s give a shout out to our new contributors 👏

In our Webiny Hacktoberfest 2020 blog post, we wrote some steps in order to be eligible for the Webiny Swag pack! To our new contributors, please follow this article here  to get your Webiny swag 🚀

Get Involved 🤝

We encourage everyone to get involved and contribute, regardless of their experience level. Read the contributing guide , and if you still run into problems, just give us a ping on  Slack , we will help you out.

Our development team is on standby to help your in-house team to learn and adopt Webiny!

Webiny provides you a/an:

  • ✅ Developer-friendly environment
  • ✅ Open Source Project
  • ✅ Community 💛  Join us today

To get to know more about our development state, follow up on the GitHub issues here. Learn about the latest changes by following our roadmap.

About Webiny

Webiny is an open source serverless CMS that offers you all the enterprise-grade functionalities, while keeping your data within the security perimeter of your own infrastructure.

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