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Quarter in Review: November 2023

Monika ZapryanovaTwitter
November 24, 2023

Check Out the Webiny 5.38 Release!


This release is packed with valuable new features inspired by our customers. Bringing on board new and more sophisticated clients has prompted us to reimagine some of the functionalities we provide in Webiny.

We've bolstered our security management, introducing Folder Level Permissions for Enterprise clients to exercise finer-grained access control over their data. Additionally, we've introduced Audit Logs, an Enterprise feature that helps organizations track changes made across all Webiny applications. Webiny upgraded to Node.js v1, with v18 scheduled for next quarter.

End users can now streamline their tasks with Bulk Actions, saving them valuable time. Furthermore, we've enhanced our search capabilities, allowing non-developers to execute and save complex queries with the Advanced Search Filters in the Headless CMS.

Headless CMS received additional upgrades. We've added the ability to export and import models and enhanced the Dynamic Zones (DZ) by offering users the ability to create elaborate nested structures, e.g. adding Reference Fields, Objects, and Dynamic Zones in DZ Templates. We've introduced an Entry Partial Save option, allowing users to Save HCMS entries before they complete all the mandatory fields and validations. This is especially useful for complex models with hundreds of fields.

For Lexical, which is Webiny's default WYSIWYG editor, we've developed useful tools to facilitate the conversion of HTML to Lexical and vice versa, which proves handy when transferring data to and from Webiny.

Form Builder has received a new functionality - Multi-step Forms. This feature enables users to divide long questionnaires into several steps, thus maintaining simplicity and ease of completion. It serves as a stepping stone for us to offer you conditional logic in building your questionnaires and taking your customer interactions to the next level. πŸ‘©β€πŸš€

Pre-Built Blocks Are Now Available πŸš€


We created a collection of 100+ pre-built blocks to help you accelerate your page design process. You can control the overall look and feel of your site using the theme and all of the pre-built blocks which you import in your system will use these guidelines by default. The beauty of it is that you can still take advantage of the pre-made designs, but also edit the pre-built blocks to your liking and ensure they are in alignment with your brand identity.

To download and import the initial collection of our blocks follow this link. If you have any feedback or special requests for new Block categories, please get in touch with us on Slack.

We Need YOUR Help 🫡

We Are Looking for Cool Projects Built with Webiny

We would love to showcase your project. If you have used Webiny to build something cool, please get in touch with @Swapnil M Mane on Slack. He is creating a collection of solutions that used Webiny as part of their digital landscape. It would be great to share with us and the rest of our community your use case. πŸ™

Release 5.38 Is Now Live πŸš€


✨Packed with enhancements and fresh functionalities✨

βœ… Bulk Actions for Advanced Content Organization

βœ… Advanced Search Filters in HCMS

βœ… Export-Import for HCMS Models

βœ… Ability to Save Drafts of Entries in HCMS

βœ… Audit Logs

βœ… Multi-step Form for Form Builder

βœ… Folder Level Permissions for File Manager, Page Builder, and HCMS

βœ… Advanced Publishing Workflow UX improvements

βœ… Support for Nested Dynamic Zones, Objects, and Reference Fields in Dynamic Zones

βœ… Lexical Toolkit to parse data from HTML to Lexical and vice versa

βœ… Improved the Watch Command Output

βœ… Node.js v16 Upgrade

This list is much much longer. Here is the detailed change log and this is how you can upgrade.

This time, the required migrations are only for Page Builder Blocks and Form Builder. Nevertheless, we strongly recommend upgrading your non-production environments and testing the new Webiny version with data mimicking your Production. If you need any help, do not hesitate to contact us on Slack.

Latest Tutorials From Our Blog 🫢

We've handpicked a pair of fantastic blog posts to present to you this month. As we continue to welcome new authors to our Writing with Webiny program, if you're interested in contributing and becoming part of it, you can explore further details here. We're eager to engage with you, so feel free to leave a comment here or send a direct message to Swapnil M Mane.

πŸš€ Build a Multilingual Blog With Webiny Headless CMS and Vue.js by Kevine Nzapdi

In this tutorial, we will learn how to build a multilingual blog. We use Vue.js for the frontend of the app, Tailwind CSS for styling, and Webiny Headless CMS as the backend.

πŸš€ Implement Pagination With Webiny Headless CMS in Svelte by Taminoturoko Briggs

In this guide, our focus will be on acquiring the skills to use pagination when using Webiny Headless CMS in Svelte.

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