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Multi-step Forms

Monika ZapryanovaTwitter
December 04, 2023

Are you trying to improve user experience and increase the completion rate for long and complex Form submissions? In Webiny v5.38.0, we are introducing Multi-step Forms to help you with that.

Now you can break down your Forms into multiple screens and thus reduce the cognitive load for your end users by only showing them only part of all the questions they need to answer. With Multi-step Forms you can organise the information in a more intuitive way and provide guidance for each section, if necessary.

Creating a Multi-step Form is very intuitive. To begin with you follow the same flow you used to for regular Forms.

Add all the fields you want to have in place for the first step and then add as many additional steps as you want. Each one of them will be presented to the end user as a separate screen.

You can also see what your Form will look like from user perspective if you use the Preview tab or you can Publish and view the Multi-step Form.

If you wish you can take it a step further and label each section with a custom title to guide your users through the journey.

If you would like to keep your Form as a single-step Form, you just don't need add another step. All of your old Forms will go through an automatic migration as part of your 5.38.0 upgrade.

A well-designed multi-step Form can significantly improve the user experience, increase completion rates, and help you collect accurate and relevant information. In the future, we will be able to offer conditional logic to manage the questionnaire tree of the Form and allow you to build more complex surveys and tailor the Forms to your users in a more effective way.

If you find this feature useful and you have any feedback, please feel free to get in touch with us on Slack channel or use our Idea Board to submit your improvement ideas.

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