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Launching Webiny Serverless Form Builder

Sven Al HamadTwitter
December 05, 2019

Webiny Form Builder

A crucial part of most websites are forms, be that simple contact forms or more complex lead generation ones. Businesses rely on these forms to generate revenue, grow their user base, and even handle payments. Forms are everywhere.

Building forms historically has always been a hassle. There are either low-level tools for developers where they have to code all the interaction and rules manually. On the other hand, there are form builder tools that target marketers. Using them, you can only drag&drop elements and can’t change the form functionality.

Being developers ourselves, we felt the pains of bad tooling or apps with too restrictive customization options.

Introducing Webiny Serverless Form Builder

With Webiny, we want to empower developers to create serverless applications by providing a foundation, processes, and ready-made apps. Form Builder is one of those apps.

Like all other Webiny CMS apps, Form Builder is designed to be deployed into a serverless environment. At the moment, Webiny supports AWS, but the support for other cloud vendors is coming in 2020.

Get started with Webiny Form Builder → https://www.webiny.com/serverless-app/form-builder

We launched Webiny Form Builder on Product Hunt today — we would appreciate it if you would support us there.

Drag&Drop UI

There is a drag&drop UI you can use to quickly build and preview your form. The preview screen renders your form using the selected theme and all the styles that come with it.

Each form field has validation rules and options, from a simple “required” option to more complex custom regex expressions.

Themeable & Customizable

Webiny Form Builder utilizes your current Webiny theme to render the form. You as a developer have full control over the theme, which is actually a set of React components. You can even add custom function callbacks, call 3rd party APIs, and much more.

To help you learn more about Form Builder and themes, we have prepared a whole section in our documentation: https://docs.webiny.com/docs/webiny-apps/form-builder/form-layouts

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Integrations & Plugins

By default there is an integration with Google’s ReCAPTCHA, but you can also specify additional integrations by providing a webhook URL.

Besides the basic integrations, like all other Webiny apps, it’s all about plugins. You can expand and change the functionality simply by registering new plugins. It’s best to go through this docs article to get started: https://docs.webiny.com/docs/deep-dive/plugins-crash-course

Multi-Language Forms

At the moment, we are also working on adding multi-language support throughout Webiny CMS, and the Form Builder is one of the first apps to get this feature.

Create a single form, but serve it in several languages.

Get Started

Here are the basic resources to get yourself familiarized with Webiny Form Builder:

Product page: https://www.webiny.com/serverless-app/form-builder

Documentation: https://docs.webiny.com/docs/webiny-apps/form-builder/introduction

GitHub: https://github.com/webiny/webiny-js

Give us a ping on our chat or community forum, and let us know what you think about Webiny Form Builder.

New Webiny CMS installations get the Form Builder by default. For older installations please follow these https://gist.github.com/SvenAlHamad/aaa3ad3fb34fc9513b24597ea9ee26ad

About Webiny

Webiny is an open source serverless CMS that offers you all the enterprise-grade functionalities, while keeping your data within the security perimeter of your own infrastructure.

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