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Launching our Roadmap on GitHub

Monika ZapryanovaTwitter
November 03, 2022

Our community are very important to us. We’ve seen some of the awesome things you’re building with Webiny, and we want to help you more. One of the major things we think will help you is to give you a more transparent view of what we are working on and to get your feedback and ideas on these items as well as the features that are under consideration.

So today we are launching the Webiny public roadmap on GitHub.

Webiny Roadmap

Closing the Feedback Loop

We are grateful to the community who has been instrumental so far in coming up with new ideas and solutions to business problems and we are looking for a new way to empower you and fuel innovation in the headless serverless CMS space. This is an excellent opportunity for us to close the feedback loop so that we can understand better what is important to You. Your input will be used to prioritize the items on the backlog. Our job will then be to investigate ways how we can deliver and if we can fit the new feature requests into the sprint schedule. The more we know about what you are after, the easier it will be for us to deliver value to you quickly. We already have a few items under consideration on the roadmap and it would be great if you could comment and vote for them by giving us thumbs up or down.

For Idea Generation

We don't want to limit our innovation pipeline only to the features that are already on the table for that reason Webiny is also relaunching the Idea discussion board. In the Idea discussion board, you can submit your own new feature requests. What would you like to see in the product in the upcoming releases? Submit your idea, share it on Twitter, LinkedIn, gain support for it and we will do our best to get it in the roadmap and in the schedule.

Webiny wants to remain user-centric because in addition to being open source, we want to ensure that we support the requirements of our enterprise customers. It is a tricky balance and we need your help to prioritize what comes next.

Early Access With Webiny Lab

The team is also working on an early access program which is called Webiny Lab. We will be able to release experimental versions of Webiny and test new features with you. We would also share demos of new or upcoming features and capture your feedback on these. We want to work with you to shape the future of Webiny. There is no point in spending four months in the dark room, just to develop a feature that doesn't work for you. Let's collaborate and co-create.

Watch this space for updates or if you want to get involved drop us a note on our Slack channel.

Thank you in advance for your submissions and for being an active part of our community.

  • Webiny Roadmap - comment and share your reaction to the items on the roadmap (you will need GitHub account)
  • Idea Discussion Board - share your ideas and feature requests and vote on existing ones
  • Slack Channel - access the Webiny lab you will need to join the slack community
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