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Introducing the new Object field 🚀

Swapnil M ManeTwitter
July 29, 2021

⚡️Seamlessly create nested and repeatable data structures with the new Object field.

Headless CMS - Object Field

With the latest Webiny 5.11.0 release, we are glad to introduce the new Object field in Headless CMS.
The nested and repeatable data structures was one of the hot topic discussed in the Webiny community. With the new Object field now, you can create complex data structures with ease. Huge thanks to our community members for their suggestions and contributions.

Let's quickly dive into the highlighting capabilities of the Object field.

Build Nested Data Structures

The new Object field allows you to build nested data structures. You can create an object and add various existing fields (ref, richText field, etc.) to it. Along with this, you can also nest objects within other objects.

Address Model

Repeatable Structure

The icing on the cake is, the data structure created with Object fields can be repeatable (like an array of nested objects).
The Use as a repeatable object property allows creating the repeatable object. E.g. setting the 'Use as a repeatable object' property to true on the Equipment model will make it multi-valued.

Repeatable Object

Below is the model view for the multi-valued Equipment field.

Multi Value Model

And the preview of the model will look like this:

Multi Value Model Preview

GraphQL Schema Auto-Complete Support

Object field respects all the rules and behaviors of all the other existing fields (ref, richText field, etc.). You also get a full GraphQL Schema auto-complete on your nested fields.

Alright, let's see the demo in action!

Headless CMS - Object Field Demo

Try the new Headless CMS - Object field and please let us know your valuable feedback!

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