What you'll learn
  • what is the storageId field property
  • how to upgrade existing CMS Model field definition
Can I use this?

If you created your project with Webiny v5.33.0 or later, you can skip the upgrade part of the article.


As we introduced CMS Model Field aliases in v5.33.0, we introduced a new property on our CMS Model Field definitions, the Storage ID (storageId) property.

What Is theStorage IDUsed For?

We use it as the storage path for the given field value in the record. As fieldId is now changeable, we cannot store values by the fieldId value because it would result in the data loss each time the fieldId value has changed.

How Is theStorage IDGenerated?

The Storage ID field comprises out of the field type property (text, number, object, etc…) and the id property, which is generated via the nanoid library.

Here are few examples how the storageId property value looks like this:

  • text@gbureq32f
  • object@cbare1kaf

We are basically joining the field type and the id properties, because it makes it easier to target the specific field types with custom mappings in the Elasticsearch system deployment.

The storageId value should never change, no matter what - you will lose data otherwise.

Do I Need to Define thestorageIdWhen Defining the CMS Model Plugin?

Simply, no, you should not define the storageId property as we generate that value automatically.

But What if I Have Already Defined thestorageIdProperty Value?

If you have data in that field, and you change the property value, you will lose all the data in it.

Upgrading CMS Model Plugin Definitions

If your CMS Model plugins were created with v5.33.0 or later, you can skip this part.

For the existing definitions, prior to the v5.33.0, of the CmsModelPlugin you MUST add the storageId property to every field you have defined. We create a storageId automatically, but for your existing models you want to have the storageId values set to the existing fieldId value.

So, for example, if you have a model defined:

You will need to add the storageId property to each of the fields. Don’t forget the nested fields in the object type field.

If you forget to do this after the upgrade to the v5.33.0, you will not get any data back from your queries.