New to Webiny?

The getting started guide will help you setup your environment, create and then deploy your first Webiny project.

Webiny Page Builder is a powerful no-code visual builder created to empower non-technical users such as marketing teams to create rich, interactive and dynamic experiences.

Although the Page Builder is created to be used by non-technical people, as an engineer you still have a lot of customization possibilities to extend and adapt that experience to both your users and content editors.

Below you’ll find some key articles to get you started with customizing the page builder, and for additional learning make sure to check out the other articles in the sidebar.



Learn the basics of Page Builder.


An overview of how theming works in Webiny's Page Builder application.

Page Builder Video Course

Video course to help you master the core functionality of Page Builder.


Extending functionality

Learn how to customize and extend the capabilities of the Page Builder app.

Create a Custom Page Element

Learn how to create a custom page element that can be rendered on pages created with Webiny's Page Builder app.

Extend GraphQL API

Learn how to extend the Page Builder-related GraphQL types and operations.

Extend Page Settings

Learn how to extend page settings by introducing new fields to it.


Additional resources

For more learning make sure to check out these articles.

Lexical Editor

Learn how to configure the Lexical Editor in Page Builder.

Lifecycle Events

Learn about Page Builder lifecycle events, how they work and how to subscribe to a lifecycle event.

Plugin References

Page Builder plugin references.