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Webiny Serverless Application  Framework

Everything you need to architect, build and deploy serverless applications.

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Stack, architecture and code

Webiny Serverless Application Framework was designed for many different use-cases. You can modify its stack and architecture and adapt to the needs of your project and your organization.

Define your infrastructure
Deploy your stack
Expand the GraphQL API
Check user permissions
new aws.lambda.Function("graphql", {
                            runtime: "nodejs12.x",
                            handler: "handler.handler",
                            role: this.role.arn,
                            timeout: 30,
                            memorySize: 512,
                            code: new pulumi.asset.AssetArchive({
                                ".": new pulumi.asset.FileArchive("./code/graphql/build")
                            vpcConfig: {
                                subnetIds: vpc.subnets.private.map(subNet => subNet.id),
                                securityGroupIds: [vpc.vpc.defaultSecurityGroupId]

It's easy to get started

Explore our docs for more tutorials and examples.

npx create-webiny-project my-project 
yarn webiny deploy 

Your project is live!

Get Started Tutorial  

Build with Webiny Serverless Application  Framework

From small and simple projects, to large and complex ones, you'll have it covered.

Full-stack web apps

Build business applications and websites. Pre-rendering, SEO, routing, security, bundling, deployment, and much more. All those pieces are in place for you already.

GraphQL APIs

Build external or internal APIs by expanding the built-in GraphQL resolvers. Security and auth tokens are already there for you to leverage.

Multi-database solutions

Build apps that use different databases, no need to be constrained by a single one. You can use the native NodeJs database drivers for interacting with outside databases.


One service, or a whole fleet. Webiny provides you with project organization, code bundling, IaC and deployment mechanisms ready to go.

Multi-tenant SaaS applications

Multi-tenancy is built-in at the core with complete data separation. Add your product on top and you're ready to offer your SaaS to the world.

Internal applications

Secure your applications, or parts of it with an ACL using the built-in security framework and AWS Cognito. You can even add support for things like OKTA, Auth0 and others.

Example apps?
Check out Webiny  Serverless CMS

We've built a whole suite of serverless apps using Webiny Serverless Application Framework - check them out.

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Headless CMS

GraphQL based headless CMS with powerful content modeling features.

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Page Builder

For when you need a quick landing page created without any coding.

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Form Builder

Create forms using a drag&drop interface and track how they convert.

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File Manager

Upload, categorize, search and edit your files.

Features which make developing with Webiny a great experience

Users, groups, roles & scopes

Security is a crucial layer in any application. Webiny includes a full-featured security module that's connected to the built-in GraphQL API.


Quickly generate boilerplate code using CLI plugins. From lambda functions to new GraphQL APIs.

Customizable security

Use the default AWS Cognito, or replace with 3rd party identity providers like Okta, Auth0, etc. Using plugins you can make Webiny work with any identity provider.

Multiple environments

No code change goes directly into a production environment. Webiny CLI makes it easy to create and manage multiple environments for your project.

React components

Webiny Admin UI contains over 30 different React components. There is also an accompanied storybook with the documentation for each of them.

Customizable app bundling

Easily modify the way your React app is being built or use your own bundling process.

Infrastructure stacks

You're not limited to the default project setup. You can add as many stacks as necessary, and shape the project to your needs.

GraphQL Playground

If you open your GraphQL URL in your browser - Webiny will automatically load the GraphQL Playground apps, so you can test your API right there and then. It’s the small things.

Dark mode

They say that there are no two eyes alike. Some prefer white, some black. Webiny Admin UI features a light and a dark mode, make your pick.

File management

Webiny comes with a built-in File Manager app and an image editor. Upload, categorize, search and edit your files with ease.

100% Javascript

One language is all you need to know, no matter if you’re coding a SPA or an API. Webiny uses React on the frontend and Node on the backend/API.

High-availability & scalability

Webiny is deployed to highly-available and scalable services within your AWS cloud. There is also DDoS protection, 11 9’s of data durability and a CDN that’s included.

Flatten your learning curve

Serverless is hard because it changes most of the things we know about building and architecting web applications. Webiny makes serverless easy by providing documentation, guides and tutorials. You have all the knowledge you need at your fingertip. Webiny will save you many hours of research and trial and error.

Organize your project

Organizing a project is often an underestimated task. However getting it wrong can be quite expensive. Webiny provides you with a project organization that grows with your need and it works great for both small and large projects.

GraphQL API layer you can expand

Expand the built-in GraphQL endpoint with custom resolvers or create your own GraphQL microservices. Webiny includes a security utilities so you can easily control who can access what. Your API, running on serverless infrastructure, can scale to meet any demand in a cost-effective way.

Powerful GraphQL query operations

The quality of results you get back from your API can be tightly coupled with what your database can do. For that reason Webiny uses Elasticsearch for any filter, sort and full-text search queries. Your API will have great performance with accurate results, not matter what you throw at it.

Secured out of the box

Security is a crucial layer in any application. Webiny includes a customizable security module you can use in your schemas. There is also a built-in UI to manage users, groups, roles and scopes.

Create and deploy projects with a single command

Use the Webiny CLI to bootstrap a project and deploy it to a serverless cloud within minutes. The CLI creates all the required resources like AWS Lambdas, S3, API Gateway, CDN and connects them together.

Use scaffolding templates to expand your project

You can read through several pages on how to create a new microservice, or you can just run the `webiny scaffold` command which will create one for you in seconds and hook it up with the rest of the system. Once created you can add your business logic to it and deploy it to your cloud.

Control your deploy process

Webiny CLI comes with hooks as integration points. You can use these hooks to further expand the deploy process, like adding CI/CD support and syncing state files. The CLI is also pluginable, so you can build new functionality to optimize your development and deployment process even further.

We've created a UI package for you so you don't need to bother with one

When we say that with Webiny you can focus on your business logic right away, we truly mean it. Webiny comes with a built-in Admin UI. It has over 30 reusable React components you can use to build interfaces for your application. Everything can be fully stylized to fit your brand identity.

Everything is a plugin

The built-in components are customizable through CSS and React. The admin theme is built as a set of plugins that you can extend and adapt. Even the simplest parts, like the Webiny logo in the header, are made as plugins you can change. This gives you full control over the look and feel.

Storybook is included

Each UI component is available in our storybook. You'll find the list of React props, implementation details and examples how to use the components.

Server(less) pre-rendering

Webiny features a built-in service for pre-rendering content for SEO and performance purposes. Our Page Builder app uses it, but so can your custom apps as well. Pre-rendered pages can be stored to S3 and cached on CloudFront for fast and scalable content delivery.

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