• how to create navigation menu

In this tutorial, we will learn how to create a navigation menu in the Page Builder.

Step 1: Create Main Navigation Menu

  1. From the Side Menu, click Page Builder > PAGES > Menus.

    ✔️ The Menus screen opens.

  2. Click Main Menu.

    ✔️ The Main Menu screen opens.

    Optional: To update the name of the main menu, update the text in the name textbox.

    Optional: To update the description about the main menu, update the text in the description textbox.

  3. Click + ADD MENU ITEM.

    ✔️ A menu opens.

  4. Click Page.

    The PAGE MENU ITEM form opens.

  5. In the Page dropdown, select the title of page you want to include in the main navigation menu (e.g. The benefits of a Serverless CMS).

  6. In the Title textbox, type the title for the page you want to be displayed in the main navigation menu (e.g. Benefits).

  7. Click SAVE MENU ITEM.

    Optional: Repeat the steps 3 to 7 to add more page links to the menu.

  8. Click SAVE MENU.

To view the menu, you can visit any published page of your website. The menu will be visible at the top of the page.