• how to manage content model settings

In this tutorial, we will learn how to manage a content model general settings. As an example, we will update the description of Product content model that we created in the Create Content Model tutorial.

  1. From the Side Menu, Click Headless CMS > Models.

    ✔️ The Content Models screen opens.

  2. Hover on the Product content model.

  3. Click the EDIT CONTENT MODEL icon (✏️).

    ✔️ Screen to configure the Product content model’s fields opens.

  4. Click the Settings icon (⚙️).

    ✔️ The Content model settings screen opens.

  5. In the Content model description textbox, update Demo Product Content Model text to Demo Product Content Model for E-Commerce project.

    Note: Similarly, you can update the Content model name, Content model group, and Tags.


    ✔️ Screen to configure the Product content model’s fields opens with a message “Content model settings updated successfully.”

  7. Click SAVE.

    ✔️ The message “Your content model was successfully saved!” will be displayed.