• how to tag a file
  • how to filter files via assigned tag(s)

Webiny allows users to tag files, facilitating convenient access. Users can efficiently search and filter files based on assigned tags. In this tutorial, we will learn how to tag a file, and filter it via its assigned tag in the File Manager. We will do this in 2 steps:

  • Step 1: Tag a file
  • Step 2: Filter files by tags


To follow this tutorial, you need the Men’s Red Tshirt image uploaded in the file manager. If you don’t have the Men’s Red Tshirt image in your file manager, please follow the File Upload tutorial to upload it.

Step 1: Tag a File

  1. From the Side Menu, click File Manager.

    ✔️ The File Manager Home screen opens.

  2. Hover over the Men’s Red Tshirt image we uploaded in the File Upload tutorial.

  3. Click the SETTINGS icon (⚙️).

    ✔️ The File details screen opens.

  4. In the Tags textbox, type Tshirt.

  5. In the drop-down below, click Tshirt.

  6. Similarly, add the following tags to the image: Red and Men’s .

  7. Click SAVE FILE.

  8. Now upload the following image.

    Men's Black TshirtMen's Black Tshirt
    (click to enlarge)

    If you are not familiar with how to upload a file, please follow the File Upload tutorial.

  9. Following the Steps 2 to 7 add the following tags to the Men’s Black Tshirt image: Tshirt, Black, and Men’s.

Step 2: Filter Files by Tags

  1. On the File Manager Home screen, in the navigation panel on the left, under Filter by tag, click the Tshirt tag.

    ✔️ All the files with the tag Tshirt appear on the screen.

    Note: You can deactivate an active tag filter by clicking on it again.

  2. Click the Red tag.

    ✔️ All the files having either Tshirt or Red tag appear on the screen.

  3. In the Conditional filter drop down, click Match all.

    ✔️ Only the files having both Tshirt and Red tag appear on the screen.

    Note: When applying multiple tag filters, the Conditional filter drop-down becomes active. The default selection is Match any, meaning all files with at least one of the active tags will appear on the screen. If the Match all option is selected, only files with all the active tags will be displayed on the screen.

Additional Information

  1. You can also apply a tag filter by searching the tag name in the search bar.

  2. You can apply filters by utilizing the search bar, clicking on tags, and using the conditional filtering drop-down in combination.