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The future of web development

Automatic updates
Don't let your website be hacked because you didn't upgrade to the latest version.
Did you know that outdated software causes breaches of over 200.000 Wordpress sites (annually)?
Self or cloud hosted
Webiny will be under the MIT open source license, so you you'll be able to download and host it on your own server.
Alternatively, you'll be able to use our cloud hosted platform, and we will do the server maintenance for you.
One click testing environment
Don't lose time constantly syncing up your production website with your development environment.
With one click, you can copy your whole website and create a sandbox to do your testing in.
Develop web applications and plugins in 50% less time
The technology has moved on some time ago, but we still find ourselves typing the same code patterns over and over again.
Webiny features a set of tools that will automate half the work for you, so you can focus on more important things.

Multiple websites
Host as many websites as you want, with just one copy of the codebase.
Just imagine how much time you'll save on maintenance - no more installing from scratch for every new client's web project like with Drupal or WordPress!
Built for scale
You can easily scale the servers behind a load balancer, you can push your storage to the cloud, you can run your database in a cluster.
The architecture underneath the platform is designed to meet any scalability needs you might have.
Very simple template engine based on HTML
Designers don't like programming languages and learning new templating engines for every new system.
We decided to make that transition seamless for them, so we developed a templating engine that only uses HTML, no curly braces or confusing syntax.
All you need is PHP and a Mongo database
We thought long and hard about the language and database that we should use. PHP is still the #1 server-side language, and MongoDb is just awesome.
If you have a server that supports both, you can easily host your own copy of Webiny.


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