Webiny telemetry is a service that collects anonymous usage information.

We have created this page to be fully transparent about the information we collect, how we use and store it. We want to add that this data doesn’t reveal any personal identifiable information (PII) of you as an individual.

We use the data in an honest way and with a single purpose - to improve Webiny as a product for yourself and the wider community.

What Data Do You Collect?

  • Project creation - Anytime you create a new Webiny project we track the event. This tells us how often people create new Webiny projects.

  • Deployments - We track deployment attempts and the information if the project was deployed successfully or not. This tells us if our deployment mechanism is working fine or if we need to focus more efforts on improving it and making it easier for people to deploy Webiny.

  • App usage - We track how actively you are accessing Webiny apps inside the Admin Panel. This tells us if people engage with our product. And if not, we know we need to improve the product quality and experience.

  • Webiny version - We track which Webiny version your project is on. This tells us if the upgrade experience is pleasant and if people are upgrading their Webiny instances. It also tells us how we should approach breaking changes in some cases and backward compatibility.

  • Domain - We track on which websites Webiny is used. This tells us about the number of production deployments.

Is the Data Stored or Distributed to a 3rd Party?

No, the data is collected by a service running in our own infrastructure and is not collected or distributed to any 3rd parties.

What Is the Data Used For?

We use the data to improve the product and understanding usage patterns. This helps us to build a better experience, focus on the important features, and fix the most urgent bugs.

The data is also used to generate reports on the number of daily active users.

The data is not used for any marketing or advertising purposes.

What About Sensitive Data? (e.g. Secrets)

We do not track anything other than what is specified above.

I Have a Comment or More Questions, Where Can I Send It To?

Please send all your inquiries to privacy@webiny.com