• how to define a publishing workflow

Webiny APW enables you to easily create a customize publishing workflows tailored to your specific content creation and review requirements. You can add as many review steps as necessary and define the scope of the workflow to suit your requirements. In this tutorial, we will learn how to define a workflow. We will do this in 3 steps:

  • Step 1: Create a content model group and a content model
  • Step 2: Create a publishing workflow
  • Step 3: Define the workflow


To follow this tutorial, you need to have the Adam Reviewer user account in your Webiny instance. If you don’t have it, please follow the Create Users tutorial to create it.

Step 1: Create a Content Model Group and a Content Model

If you are not familiar with how to create a content model group and a content model, please follow the Create Content Model Group and Create Content Model tutorials.

  1. Create a content model group with the following attributes:

    Group icon✏️
    DescriptionGroup for all types of content to be published in the application
  2. Create a content model with the following attributes:

    Singular API NameBlog
    Plural API NameBlogs
    Content model groupContent
    DescriptionBlogs to be published in the application
  3. Add the following fields with the given attributes to the Blog content model:

    FieldLabelField ID
    RICH TEXTBodybody

Step 2: Create a Publishing Workflow

  1. From the Side Menu, click Publishing Workflows > Workflows.

    ✔️ The Publishing Workflows screen opens.

  2. In front of Headless CMS, click + NEW WORKFLOW.

    ✔️ Untitled form opens.

  3. To rename the workflow, click the workflows’s title Untitled.

    ✔️ A textbox appears.

  4. In the textbox, update the text to Blog Publishing Workflow.

  5. Click anywhere outside the textbox.

Step 3: Define the Workflow

  1. Inside the Workflow steps accordion, under Step 1, in the Title textbox, type SEO Review

  2. In the Type dropdown, click Mandatory, non-blocking.

    Note: There are three options in the Type dropdown:

    • Mandatory, blocking: The review process cannot proceed until this step is completed. It serves as a mandatory and blocking phase.
    • Mandatory, non-blocking: Other steps are unlocked in the review process, but item publication awaits completion of all mandatory, non-blocking steps.
    • Optional: This step doesn’t impede the review process, and the item can be published regardless of sign off. Choose this for steps that are supplementary or non-essential to the overall workflow.
  1. In the Reviewers section, select the Adam Reviewer checkbox.

    Note: You can add more steps to your workflow as per your requirements by clicking + ADD STEP and following the Steps 1 to 3.

  2. Click the Scope accordion.

    ✔️ The Scope accordion opens.

  3. Inside the Scope accordion, in the Type dropdown, click Specific models and entries.

    ✔️ The CMS MODELS tab appears.

  4. In the CMS MODELS tab, select the Blog checkbox.

  5. Click SAVE.

    ✔️ The message “Workflow saved successfully.” displays.