What you’ll learn
  • how to install the unstable release of Webiny


As described in the Branching Strategy article, features that are scheduled to be released in the next quarterly release are published under the unstable tag to NPM. If you’re interested in taking that release for a spin, follow the instructions below.

Setup the Unstable Release


An unstable release is exactly that: no guarantees, bleeding edge, potentially broken, and any API can change before becoming stable.

We highly recommend against using this release in production, as we cannot guarantee that projects created with this release will be upgradeable to stable releases.

The process of setting up an unstable release is the same as creating a regular Webiny project, described in the Install Webiny article. The only difference is in the create-webiny-project command. The following is the command you need to use to create an unstable project:

From this point on, the process is identical to our regular project setup.

Updating to the Latest Unstable Release

If you already have an unstable project, you can update it to the latest unstable release by running the following command: