• What are community plugins
  • How to create or contribute to community plugins
Can I use this?

In order to follow this guide, you must use Webiny version 5.20.0 or greater.


Community plugins are 3rd party supported plugins for Webiny. These plugins are created and managed by the Webiny community. Here is the repositoryexternal link for community managed plugins.

Contribute a New Plugin

1. Clone the Plugins Repository

All the community-supported 3rd party plugins are maintained at the plugins repositoryexternal link.
Clone the plugins repository in the Webiny project root.

git clone https://github.com/webiny-contrib/plugins

2. Create a React Component Package

We will use the React Component Package scaffold to create the plugin. From your project root, simply run the yarn webiny scaffold command:

Then, from the list of all available scaffolds, select React Component Package and follow the on-screen instructions.

  • Enter the name of the component (in pascal-case)
    e.g. IFrame

  • Enter the package location (packages/iframe)
    Based on your plugin type, i.e. whether you are building a plugin for Page Builder or Headless CMS, select the respective directory, e.g. if you are creating an iframe plugin for Page Builder, the location will look something like this plugins/pageBuilder/iframe

  • Enter the package name (@custom-components/iframe)
    Please follow this pattern for package name @webiny-contrib/name-of-your-plugin
    e.g. @webiny-contrib/iframe

3. Plugin Implementation

To implement your plugin, based on the plugin you want to create, please refer to the following tutorials:


Please place your code under the src directory e.g. plugins/pageBuilder/iframe/src.

4. Raise the Pull Request

Once the plugin is ready, please create a pull request to https://github.com/webiny-contrib/pluginsexternal link repository. Webiny team will take care of publishing the community plugins to npm at @webiny-contribexternal link.

Contribute to Existing Plugins

You can find all the community managed plugins in this repositoryexternal link, and every plugin has a contribution guide.
Here is a process to set up and contribute to the secretText Headless CMS pluginexternal link. Please follow the respective contribution guide for contributing to the existing plugins.

If you need additional help or information on community plugins contribution, feel free to contact us over Slackexternal link.