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What you’ll learn
  • the necessary cloud infrastructure resources on which the Admin Area project application relies on
  • what does the Admin Area project application represent

The Admin Area Project Application

The Admin Area project application represents, as the name itself suggests, your administration area, which is a simple React single-page-application (SPA).

With only two cloud infrastructure resources, the Amazon CloudFront and Amazon S3, hosting single page applications is simple, and most importantly, cost-effective.


For brevity, the diagram doesn’t include network-level cloud infrastructure resources, like region, VPC, availability zones, and so on. Check out the Deployment Modes section if you’re interested in that aspect of the deployed cloud infrastructure.

Webiny Cloud Infrastructure - Admin Area - OverviewWebiny Cloud Infrastructure - Admin Area - Overview
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The diagram gives an overview of the complete cloud infrastructure that’s needed to host the Admin Area application.

As we can see, it consists of two resources - Amazon CloudFront A and Amazon S3 bucket B.

In the upcoming Serving Application Files section, we examine how the Admin Area application is served to actual users.