The End of the World vs. Christmas by Alexandra on Dec 24. 2012

Should we believe in Mayan predictions and expect the 21st of December, 2012 to be the last day of the Earth? In this article you can find the answers to each question based on statistics that will show the risen trend in traffic, consumer demand, Adwords and so on. To represent the best overview we used different tools and added diagrams.

Free Holiday E-mail Templates by Nela Dunato on Dec 21. 2012

We have prepared a little gift for the holiday season for all our visitors! We present you 3 free, fun & festive HTML e-mail templates you can use to send your holiday wishes to your friends, family, colleagues or customers. They can be used in any e-mail client, and in the Newsletter that comes with your free Webiny package.

How to do Keyword Research by Sandi Sablic on Dec 5. 2012

One of the fundamental parts of any SEO or SEM campaign is conducting a solid keyword research. Even tough this is a relatively simple and straightforward task, a lot of people are still confused about how to properly conduct it, why it is important and even what a keyword research is.

Website speed with Webiny by Sven Al Hamad on Nov 15. 2012

In this article I'll talk about the performance of Webiny as a platform. These performance enhancements are built into every Webiny-powered website. So, if you don't already have a free website on Webiny, just click on the link in the box to the right and experience these methods first hand.

SEO vs PPC - War on two Fronts by Goran Candrlic on Aug 21. 2012

Should you invest in SEO or in PPC? When is it better to invest more in one of those channels? What is going to happen in the near future with SEO, PPC and Social? These are the questions that trouble both seasoned and new online marketers.
Labels: seo, google, adwords

Value Proposition - How to Create One by Goran Candrlic on Aug 13. 2012

What is a value proposition? It is usually a statement that describes what your company, product or service will bring to your clients. It should convince a potential customer that the product or service will add more value or solve problems better than other company, product or service. Value proposition is not a business model. It is not a product specification. It is a core element of how your product or service differentiates itself from many others.
Labels: marketing, business

Hotel Landing Page - How to Make it Convert by Goran Candrlic on Jul 30. 2012

There's no perfect landing page but there are "best practices" in making your hotel landing page convert. We will take a look on conversion elements of a hotel landing page. Reason: I've seen some hotel landing pages and I know that these hotels have been using AdWords to channel traffic to these pages. I was horrified. Bad navigation, no clear message, bad place for booking forms, no trust elements. People are simply wasting money. So I've decided to list elements and landing page structure for AdWords and other PPC campaigns, but this example can also be used as a regular hotel page. I hope that this will help other designers, webmasters and hotel/agency/reseller/affiliate to boost conversions.
Labels: travel, conversion, hotel

Designs Wanted - Submit Yours for Webiny by Goran Candrlic on Jul 17. 2012

We are soon finalizing Webiny FREE Package and we would like you to contribute to the whole idea. We will start with few of our own designs, but crowdsourcing is the key. We are giving something to the people and we think you will also benefit from the deal. Take a look what's inside!
Labels: webiny theme, design

Disclosing Myths of International SEO by Goran Candrlic on Jul 11. 2012

I've stumbled upon two articles yesterday that refer to international SEO. Since we've been doing a lot of international pages and since Webiny is multilingual and multidomain (multisite) system, I will try to explain several myths and reveal some of the best practices for SEO and PPC in international markets.

IE is bothering you: Google Chrome Frame to the Rescue by Sven Al Hamad on Jul 5. 2012

We all know how IE is good with table design, but luckily these days are long over, and still, IE sticks like the gum on the bottom of your shoe that just won't fall off, making our lives as developers and designers a nightmare. Most of us hoped that with IE9 the problems will disappear, which in some part was true.


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