Last updated 7th of October, 2019

What is it?

Webiny telemetry is a service that collects anonymous usage information.

We highly value your privacy. We have created this page to be fully transparent about the information we collect. How we use the information, and what options you have to opt-out. We want to add that this data doesn't reveal a single identifiable information of you as an individual. We use the data in an honest way and with a single purpose - improving Webiny as a product for yourself and the wider community.

What information we collect:

1) Number of deployments - each time you invoke the webiny deploy-* command inside a Webiny project folder
Why: So we know how actively the Webiny library is used.
2) Number of new projects created - each time you invoke webiny create command
Why: So we know how many projects are created.
3) Number of removals - each time you invoke the webiny remnove-* command inside a Webiny project folder
Why: So we know how actively the Webiny library is used.
4) List of Webiny components that were deployed
Why: So we understand which Webiny components are used the most.
5) Timestamp
Why: So we can track the trends between when different operations are invoked.
6) Current Webiny version
Why: It's important to determine how backwards compatible new releases should be, as well as providing a migration path.

What is the information used for?

We use the information for improving the product and understanding usage patterns. This helps us to build a better experience, focus on the important features, and fix the most urgent bugs.

Can I opt-out?

Yes - in the terminal, run the command webiny disable-tracking.
This disables tracking across all your Webiny projects.

What about sensitive data? (e.g. secrets)

We do not track anything other than what is specified above.

I have a comment or more questions, where can I send it to?

Please send all your inquiries to

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