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Are you interested in testing Webiny’s new capabilities before they are released to the general public? The Webiny Lab is an excellent opportunity for selected customers to try and provide feedback on features still in design and development. You will have the power to shape these functionalities with our core team and have your say on what we’ll build next. We want to collaborate with you in an intimate environment and co-create the future of Webiny to ensure that your voice is heard, and your business requirements prioritised appropriately.

Why Join?

Early Access

We will share with you initial design mock-ups, and you will be able to get your hands on the newly developed features, using our "unstable" release. You can test your own use cases with your data in your own instance. You can even share with others within your organization to get a second opinion.

Provide Feedback

Your feedback will be used to validate our initial assumptions and ensure that we are meeting your business needs better. All insights will be reviewed by our Product and Engineering teams, and, where possible, incorporated into the next release or fed into the planning and our roadmap.


You will get access to our Webiny Lab slack channel where you can see what others think about the new capabilities. You will receive invites to exclusive webinars where we will demo the work in progress and share a more detailed view of the current and next quarter's design and development plans.

Join the Webiny LAB!


Who can join?

Anyone who is interested in testing Webiny's new capabilities and providing early feedback to fuel innovation in the CMS space is welcome. Regardless of the role, we would love to work with you.

What is expected of you?

Most communication will be asynchronous, so you can engage with the Slack channel content as you see fit. Join webinars when you can. Be respectful of others' opinions and confidentiality.

Does it cost you anything?

Taking part in Webiny Lab is completely free. It is a win-win really. It puts you in the unique position to provide feedback directly to our core team and influence the product vision and prioritization of features. It helps us to keep our product focused on our users wishes, reduce re-work and deliver value to you timely.

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