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Webiny Serverless CMS

Agile, flexible and scalable solution for your growing content needs.

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One size doesn't fit all

It's a very different set of requirements a technical team has to a marketing team to a business development team. Webiny Serverless CMS comes with several different apps you can use independently, or together as part of a cohesive solution.

GraphQL based headless CMS with powerful content modeling features.

It's easy to get started

Explore our docs for more tutorials and examples.

npx create-webiny-project my-project 
yarn webiny deploy 

Your project is live!

Get Started Tutorial  

Use Webiny Serverless CMS to build

Marketing Sites

Simple landing pages done in a few minutes, no code required.

GraphQL APIs

Model an API with Webiny headless CMS.

Multi-website solutions

Use the built-in multi-tenancy to manage multiple websites.

Multi-language sites

Publish and manage content on multiple languages.

Omni-channel content hub

From the headless API to desktops, mobile devices and others.

Intranet portals

Build a portal for your organization behind a secure login form.

The API that powers Webiny Serverless CMS


Anything you can do in the UI, you can do it also via our GraphQL API


Query search and filter operations are powered by Elasticsearch for fast performance.

Content versioning

All content, all pages and forms are versioned. You can create drafts or go back in history on any changes you've made directly via the API.

Content localization

Publish and manage content in multiple languages. Use the API to retrieve a specific content on a specific language.

Manage API

Manage API allows you to modify and create new content model schemas programmatically.

Access control

Fine grain control over which user and which API key can access which parts of the API and which operations it can trigger.

Image API

Dedicated API to store, retrieve and resize images.

Edge network

Webiny deploys a CloudFront CDN in front of the API endpoint for DDoS protection and improved network performance.

API Editor

Create new APIs using an intuitive drag&drop editor. Add reference fields, file upload fields, validation and many other features to your API.

Case Study


Development of an MVP project as a value-added module in the care sector in cooperation with the Versicherungskammer Bayern, S-Markt & Mehrwert and Reha Assist.

Even if it is only a matter of designing a small MVP for the time being, it is worth thinking bigger.

Explore the Benefits of Webiny Serverless CMS


No matter the demand, Webiny Serverless CMS can easily scale to meet even the most challenging workloads.


Being an open-source project, it's easy to modify and adapt things to your own needs.

Lower cost of ownership

Self-hosted on top of serverless infrastructure. No infrastructure to manage, less people required to operate and maintain.


Secured by AWS Cognito. It's also easy to integrate services like OKTA, Auth0 and similar.

Data ownership

Webiny is self-hosted, it means your data stays within your data center.

Permission control

Powerful options to control the permissions your users will have. They perfectly align with your business requirements.

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