Simple and Flexible Pricing

No matter if you start with a small or a large project, you can scale up and down depending on your usage. Our pricing tiers automatically adjust with your requirements.

Included with every packageHover over items for more detail
  • Unlimited users & roles
  • Unlimited pages & forms
  • Unlimited content types
  • Unlimited records
  • Unlimited locales
  • Unlimited file storage
  • Custom domain with SSL
  • Content delivery network
Each website can have as many users and as many security roles, it requires.
No limit on how many pages and forms you can build and host.
In the headless module, you can create any number of content types your application needs.
No limit is set on how many records you can add to your headless content types.
Add as many locales as you wish.
Upload images and other files, there is no limit on how much space you can use.
Add your custom domain, and we'll provide you with an SSL certificate.
We partner with Cloudflare, so each Webiny website gets a free CDN to boost you site's performance.

Paid Packages

These are some of our options to get you started.


Best for individual developers and smaller projects
per website per month
Get StartedGet Started(No credit card required)
Beta Period: During the beta, this package is available free of charge. No credit card is required, later you can decide if you want to upgrade to the paid package.
  • 50.000 API Calls
  • 250MB Database Storage
  • 100 Deployments
  • 3 Serverless Functions
  • Standard Support


For agencies working on medium to large projects that require extra support
per website per month
Talk to usGet Started
  • 1.000.000 API Calls
  • 1GB Database Storage
  • 1.000 Deployments
  • 25 Serverless Functions
  • Priority Support
  • Consultation Service
  • Band Pricing


Aimed at corporations wanting a premium bespoke service
Get a Quote
Talk to usGet Started
  • Training & Onboarding
  • Dedicated or Private Deployment
  • Priority SLA Based-Support
  • User Management API
  • Consultation Service
  • Band Pricing
  • Account Management
  • Custom Limits

Extra usage: $39/package

  • +100.000 API Calls
  • +1.000 Deployments
  • +250MB DB Storage

For when you run out and need extra resources. The price is per usage-package, and you can limit the number of packages each website can consume. These packages do not expire and resources that have not been used, roll over to the next month.

Each Webiny website is subject to our Fair Usage Policy.

Need help to decide? Please reach out to us, and our team will help you out.

Call your website APIs up to 50k times.
Your own database which can store up to 250MB of data and indexes. Note: file storage is unlimited and is separate from DB storage.
How many times you can deploy a new version of your function per month.
You get 3 serverless functions. One is used for the Webiny Core API, and the rest can host your custom APIs.
Standard email and chat support.
Call your website APIs up to 1 million times.
Your own database which can store up to 1GB of data and indexes. Note: file storage is unlimited and is separate from DB storage.
How many times you can deploy a new version of your function per month.
You get 25 serverless functions. One is used for the Webiny Core API, and the rest can host your custom APIs.
Around the clock support team is available to address any issues you might report.
The team that built Webiny and knows every line of code, can work with you and help you architect your application the right way, getting the maximum benefit out of Webiny.
The more websites you onboard, the better price we can offer.

Frequently Asked Questions

What happens if I go above the package limits?

If an extra usage package is available, your requests will be served without any interruptions.

In case an extra usage package is not available, all requests will be denied, including the ones for static assets.

Can I limit the extra usage packages?

Yes, you can. In your site manager you can define the maximum amount of extra packages a website can consume.

How can I cancel my subscription? Can I get a refund?

From the site manager interface you can cancel your subscription at any time. An active subscription that is canceled will expire at the end of the billing period and automatically deactivate the website.

As for refunds, please contact the support.

Do I need a credit-card to signup and what payment methods you accept?

To sign up for a Paid Package a credit card is required only after the trial period expires.

We accept all major credit and debit cards such as Visa, Mastercard or American Express. For larger accounts we also accept bank transfers.

What are the payment cycles?

The payment cycles are once a month for the paid package, and your subscription is automatically renewed.

In case you use up any extra usage packages, they are billed the moment an extra usage package starts getting utilized.

Is tax included in the price?

Webiny as a legal UK entity is required by law to charge tax for all EU customers. The tax amount depends on your country of origin. For more information, visit our support page.

For all other customers, there will be no to additional tax on top of the prices displayed above.

More questions?

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Webiny is released under the MIT open source license.

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