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  • Serverless CMS apps, features and common use-cases.

Webiny Serverless CMS is not one application, but a set of 4 different applications that can be used completely independently, or coupled together for a more seamless experience.

This approach is different from pretty much any other CMS on the market. The reason we went for such a structure is that the web experience has changed and evolved from the “wordpress“ days. The term “website” means many different things, it can be a static landing page, a blog, an eCommerce store, a web application, and many other things.

Since there are so many different use-cases, having 1 application to rule them all almost never works. The processes of that one app are not tweaked to perfectly cater for all those use-cases, rather exceptions have to be made, and that results in a mediocre experience for the user.

With Webiny Serverless CMS we wanted to provide targeted apps for different content management use-cases and eventually a much better user experience.

These are the apps that make our CMS:

  • Headless CMS
    • Model your content structure and create GraphQL APIs without writing any code.
    • Use to create a backend for dynamic websites, ecommerces, and simpler business applications.
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  • Page Builder
    • No-code drag and drop page creator. Integrates with Headless CMS so you can build templates and dynamically generate pages. Replaces a need for a static site generator.
    • The elements you use to build pages are React components. You can easily create new components which can be fully interactive, do API calls, execute business logic, and more.
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  • Form Builder
    • Build forms with no code. Add validators, terms of service, recaptcha and webhooks.
    • Insert forms via Page Builder into your site, or build your own render mechanism for custom implementation.
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  • File Manager.
    • Upload, tag, and search files. For images, there is a built-in image editor and an image delivery API for when you need to resize and manipulate your images.
    • File Manager is integrated with all Serverless CMS apps to provide the file upload and delivery functionality. It can also be integrated with your own custom apps.
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Webiny Serverless CMS vs Others#

To mention one more important differentiator between Webiny’s Serverless CMS and all other CMS’s on the market. Webiny is serverless and self-hosted. This is a unique combination.

The serverless aspect gives you low maintenance costs together with high scalability. Usually, this is reserved for SaaS solutions only. However with a SaaS solution you give away your data and your security to a 3rd party. For some that’s not an option. Additionally a SaaS solution you can’t customize and tweak to your own needs as it is usually closed-source.

Webiny being self-hosted, your data lives in your data center, and your security team has full control over it. Webiny being open-source means you can change every aspect of the platform to meet your needs.

When it comes to other open-source CMS options on the market, almost all of them are designed to run on virtual machines, which means a much higher total cost of ownership due to maintenance costs and infrastructure costs.

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