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File Manager

  • File Manager features and use-cases

File Manager is a powerful tool to manage all your digital assets, from documents to images. File Manager as an app is integrated across Webiny. Anywhere where a file input is needed, the File Manager app is what the user will use to upload and select their files.


Asset organization#

All assets can be tagged with one or more tags. You can the filter files by one tag, or multiple tags at once. There is also a search bar, for input-based search.

The file File Manager React component also has props you can use to limit the user's selection. You can say "open File Manager, but only show images" and similarly. It provides a better UX to the user.


The search and filtering options are powered by Elasticsearch. All assets are stored inside an S3 bucket. This architecture allows your system to scale and easily handle large amounts of assets.

Image Editor#

When it comes to images, there is a built-in image editor. Using the editor you can do basic manipulations like crop, flip, rotate and apply different filters.

Image delivery API#

The image delivery API allows you to resize images by specifying the image dimension as part of the image path. The images are automatically cached on the CDN, and there is a DDoS protection behind the service.

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