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This document highlights the most important fixes, improvements, and features, that were introduced in Webiny 5.11.1.

How To Upgrade?

Please check the Webiny 5.11.1 migration guide for the upgrade steps.


Remove Password Attribute from DynamoDB (#1842)#

Recently, we introduced a UserPlugin, which you can use in the main Webiny GraphQL API to hook into user's lifecycle hooks, like beforeCreate, afterDelete, etc. Cognito plugin uses this UserPlugin to hook into user creation process and synchronizes users with the appropriate Cognito User Pool. During this refactor, we failed to unset the password field once it's been consumed by the Cognito plugin, and so, it ended up being stored to DynamoDB, alongside other data that belongs to user.

Our philosophy is to never handle passwords ourselves, never store them into our database, or any other storage. Passwords should be handled by identity providers, exclusively.

This bug was introduced with Webiny v5.9.0 and has been present through v5.10.0, and v5.11.0. If you're using one of these versions, we strongly recommend upgrading to the latest v5.11.1.

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