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Preview Deployments

What you’ll learn
  • how to preview cloud infrastructure deployment for your project application


During the project development, there is a chance that the deployed cloud infrastructure needs to change. New resources might be added, existing resources configured differently, and some may even need to be destroyed.

When doing more significant changes, it might be helpful to preview the deployment process that you're about to execute. More specifically, you would certainly like to know if the deployment you're about to execute destroys a mission-critical resource, e.g. a database or a file storage resource.

The Preview Flag#

In order to avoid performing unintended cloud infrastructure changes, you can use the preview flag upon executing the deploy command. Consider the following examples:

webiny deploy api --env dev --preview
webiny deploy apps/admin --env dev --preview
webiny deploy apps/website --env dev --preview

Executing these commands won't perform any changes to your cloud infrastructure resources. They would just list all of the changes that would be applied, for example:

Previewing Deploy Command
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