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We know who are the true superheroes behind every website. We made Webiny for you.

  • Documented - Our docs portal has tutorials for beginners and more advance coders.
  • Customizable - Webiny is meant to be built upon, adapt everything from the UI to the API.
  • Open source - There are not magic black boxes here. Our code is available on GitHub.
  • 100% JavaScript - Just one language is all you need to know.
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you can expect to benefit from Webiny in the following ways:

Quick start

It takes only a minute or two to install Webiny, or just a few seconds, if you use the hosted version. Your project will be up and running in no time.

Powerful Content Editing

Easily build anything from a landing page, blog post to product pages and much more with the integrated page editor. No need to constantly meddle with HTML and CSS to get stuff done.


Webiny isn't just about websites, the underlying platform is open and designed for developing custom apps and plugins.

Boost productivity

Because Webiny is designed as a set of numerous components working seamlessly together, you will experience less bugs and less problems while developing. Your clients will be happy, and you will have a peace of mind.

Worry Free Scale

Whether you're building a small website, or already serving millions of users, Webiny has your back.

It's a Winning Team

Work with the latest industry-proven technology stack. Use React to create client interface, webpack to bundle your project into a deployable package, Node and GraphQL to build the server-side API and utilize the NoSQL database to store and query your data.


Server Side - Microservices

It’s the latest and greatest that the technology provides. Scalable serverless functions that scale together with your demand. There is no load it can’t handle.

Client Side

Webiny is built with React. In our managed serverless cloud, your client-side assets are served from an S3 object store.



Webiny is built on top of modern serverless technologies, which ensure your apps run flawlessly in any circumstances. Focus completely on developing your app instead of managing servers and other resources.

CRA v2

To make app development easier, we decided to use Create React App, an environment many developers already know and love, so getting started with Webiny will be a familiar experience from the start.


GraphQL is the next evolution of API. Powerful instructions and intuitive schema discovery enable you to quickly get familiar with the API. Popular companies like GitHub, Twitter, Facebook all use GraphQL, and we follow that trend.

UI Components

Webiny is not just about building websites, but also custom plugins and apps. To help with that, we included a number of React UI components which will speed up your development and maintain consistency across your project.


StackOverflow developer survey report stated that developers are most frustrated with bad, or lack of proper, documentation, and so are we! Therefore we invested extra effort into creating ours.

Open Source

Our believe is that software should be open, because it directly benefits the community and the people around it. For this reason Webiny is released under the MIT open-source license and will always remain FREE.

Server Side Render

SSR is included as part of Webiny package. Your sites are rendered server side, ensuring all bots and crawlers can read your content and provide the full SEO value.


From content modeling, data relations to a GraphQL API for both reading and managing your content, Webiny is a true headless CMS.

Multi-language support

If you are creating content on multiple languages, Webiny is a great choice. The visual page builder, headless module and form builder, all of them support a multi-language approach to managing content.

Visual Builder

Unlike most visual website builders that work with static HTML blocks, our visual builder actually works with React components. If you know how to create a React component, you can quickly and easily create new custom plugins and elements for the page builder.


Every website requires a theme. Webiny CMS comes with two built-in themes. One for the administration, and one for the website. Both can be fully customized to fit any visual style required. The website theme is also fully mobile responsive.


Documentation is important, but so is having a readable and easy to understand source code. Reading somebody elses code can be “challenging” at times. To make it easier for everyone, our code is written using FlowJS static types for extra clarity.

Document Database

Webiny uses a document database, as they feature semi-structured documents which are perfect for modern API layers and easy for developers to work with. By default you can use either MongoDb or the latest Amazon DocumentDB.


Webiny is designed as a platform on top of which you can build custom applications, and not just webpages. The integrated plugin system allows you to hook in into any part of the existing code and add or change current features and behaviors.


Webiny provides a simple yet effective security layer comprising of scopes, roles and groups, which gives you fine-grained control over data access. Define your scopes in code, then manage roles via user-friendly UI.


Ready to try it out? Let's start by creating your first website. It's only gonna take a minute.

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Webiny is a content management system designed to run inside a serverless environment. Webiny enables developers to build powerful websites and web applications by providing all required components.

Webiny is released under the MIT open source license.

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